5 thoughts on “Pesky insects

  1. I’m guessing they were more likely to be midges – we get swarms of them by the river and in the woods – what surprises me is you got two comments on this post! I don’t think I got any comments on mine for quite a while. How is the skin by the way, this reminded me that you had a rotten time a while back with skin ailments. Did they eventually clear up?


    1. The comments were from one of my best friends, and my sister in law, so I suspect they were just trying to help me out, at the birth of the blog.
      I still have occasional flare ups of the Pityriasis Rosea, mainly on my chest. I hit it immediately with a steroid cream, and that calms it down. Luckily, it has never come back quite as extensively as that first attack. (Fingers crossed…)

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      1. Glad to hear that you found something that helped. Skin irritations are dreadful. I’ve had relatively mild flare-ups at times, but mostly on the face which can attract the wrong attention 😦


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