More thoughts on Retirement

It has just occurred to me, that I have been retired for eight months now. Christmas is approaching, and it only seems like last week that I was still working, and living in London. The time has gone frighteningly fast, far quicker than it seemed to pass when I had to work every day. The weekends arrive with a rush, that it makes me feel that the five week-days did not even happen. I have taken stock of my time so far, and I am not proud of the results.

Decorating completed, none. Outside jobs tackled, a few. Books read- none finished. DVD films watched- only a couple. Places of interest visited, maybe three.

So, what have I done, with eight work-free months? The short answer, is ‘not a lot’. Dog walking and Vet visits have taken up a fair bit of time, though not enough to count as an excuse. I have watched a fair bit of TV, still not enough to worry about as time wasted. I do spend a substantial amount of time on this Blog, but in truth, much of that is late at night, and does not eat into time that could be used to better purpose. I feel that I have mislaid time, like a watch, or a spare pair of spectacles. It was there, and now it isn’t, and I really cannot put my finger on it, just at the moment.

This should concern me, and it does. I am haunted by my late Mother’s words, that time slips away as you get older, and days escape you, slithering away like mercury. I am now considering options. Do I get up earlier, to make more of the day? Maybe I should start to go to bed earlier, though I can’t think why. Is it the weather? Darker days, longer nights, seem to drag, if anything, so it isn’t that either. Perhaps a planned routine will make sense; what does everyone else do, I wonder? I am beginning to believe, that the very fact of having time available, makes it seem to disappear faster. During a busy working life, there never seems to be sufficient time to get anything done. Yet, with the whole week stretching ahead of you, unencumbered by necessary tasks, there seems to be less time than ever before.

It is a bit like the space-time continuum. Easy to explain in theory, impossible to achieve in practice.

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