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I have just had a quiet time on the blog. Thanksgiving in America, and UK friends probably getting tired of gruesome Ambulance stories, who knows? It isn’t really important, just interesting, to see the fluctuations in views. One of the fascinations about blogging, is to look at the statistics, and see how the viewings of your blog change. Weekends are usually much quieter that weekdays, for example. No doubt there are lots of people with more to do at weekends, places to go, people to see, less time for blogging activities. It is easy to appreciate that, and to make sense of the trends.

I then changed the tone of my blog. Over the last two days. I wrote posts about letters, and doing things now, and suddenly, it has all taken off again. Lots of likes, four new followers, and many comments too.  In one afternoon, I have had more blog traffic than in the previous two weeks. Not in terms of views, but in contacts, comments, and general interest. Perhaps it is time for me to re-evaluate (yet again) and try to decide if I should diversify more often.  Once more, most of the interest comes from North America, from Canada, and the USA.  This has always intrigued and amused me, as many of my posts have taken a blatantly anti-American stance, and others have been mildly sarcastic about undue American influence in English culture.

So, I take my hat off (metaphorically, as I never wear one) to those North Americans. They have seen further than some of their fellows, and embraced criticism, something that they are not acknowledged for, ever. They are also looking beyond their shores, and showing interest in other lives, something else not normally associated with them. I am having to re-think old prejudices, which doesn’t come easy, at my age. I don’t include those trying to sell books, or services of course. I wish that they would stop using the ‘shield’ of blogging to do this. If your stuff is so good, advertise it on Google, or sell it on Amazon Marketplace. I don’t need it, and I will never buy it. Please, just stop.

For the rest of you, much thanks, and more power to your blogging elbows.

2 thoughts on “Blog day afternoon

  1. Congrats on discovering your new tone. Funny that you mention the Stats. I’m a North American (Californian) new to blogging and one of the aspects I love the most is seeing the stats that say someone in Turkey or the Netherlands or Australia just read my post. My favorite so far is Pakistan. 🙂 Happy to have found your blog as well and love this post’s title!


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