Euro U-Turn

So Cameron’s promise of a referendum on EU membership turns out to be a sham. Surprised? I shouldn’t be, after all, he is a spineless Tory. What was promised as a way out of this shambles, has become a teaser, and a bribe to vote Conservative in the next election. Shallow, manipulative politics, blatantly cocking a snook at the voters.

We are expected to wait five years for even the chance of a vote, and then only if there is a Conservative Government, and presumably, only if Cameron is still the leader. It seems clear that he expects neither to be the case, and does not want to be remembered, just yet, as the man who took Britain out of Europe. Like someone who wants to play in goal, and still score the penalties, he is someone scared to commit to one camp, and one purpose. Appeasing all sides of the Political spectrum is just not possible, with a subject as emotive as EU membership. He has to brave enough to nail his colours to a mast, and be responsible for the outcome.

What else could I have expected of the despicable Tories? I knew in my heart, that it was too good to be true. I now face the possibility that I might never live to see a time when we are no longer a part of this Euro-Capitalist conglomeration. At least the politicians are consistent; cowards and liars all.

4 thoughts on “Euro U-Turn

  1. Pete: you’re right, all politicians, whatever the Party, are mealy-mouthed liars and that includes Bliar [sic] who called for a referendum on the EU in 2004 only to renege on that particular statement a short while later. Brian


    1. You and that road Eddy. How much will it cost? I will do a sponsored sit in a bath full of baked beans or something, just so you can drive to your house. I still reckon you should bin the Lada (oops,almost a Bin Laden!) and get a tractor with a big trailer. No worries about a road then mate.


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