Following a blog

I have often made it clear that I do not follow any blogs. It isn’t that I don’t read a lot of others, or follow the antics of my small group of regular blogging friends, just that I have never ‘signed up’ to do so.

Yesterday, that changed. I had a ‘like and follow’ from a blogger called ‘curnblog’. As is my habit, I had a look at his blog, which is really a website, to see if it was something I would enjoy reading. What I discovered, was a truly epic work, on the subject of Cinema and Films. Full of expert critiques, great images, and even full length films to watch (link below). This is blogging at a new level, and with Academic skill. It makes my category pale by comparison, and I was excited to see some similar films discussed, happy to be in the presence of a master. I am now a follower of a blog.

Just the one though, for now.



One thought on “Following a blog

  1. Hi Pete,

    This is incredibly humbling and I greatly appreciate your kind words. I’ll do my best to live up to the generous compliments you’ve given, and I’ll most definitely be visiting your blog on a regular basis.

    Thanks again – you’ve made my day.


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