A happy blogger

During the last few weeks, justifiably inactive outside for the most part, due to inclement weather, I have written and published a lot of posts. I have also added a new category, allowing me to explore my love of Film and Cinema, and there are still quite a few Ambulance stories up my sleeve, for later. Including this one, I have published 183 posts, and managed to keep hold of a following of more than 50 other bloggers, as well as e mail contacts from friends and family.

More than this, I now have new contacts and friends, people that I have never met, yet feel strangely close to. We might have otherwise spent our lives in understandable ignorance of each other, but we are able to cross divides, and to learn about different lives, and other hopes and aspirations. Some are watching my film recommendations, and they are actually pleased, when they already know one that I have suggested. Others are fascinated by the tales of my days in the Ambulance Service, even if the harsh realities of that job often seem too fantastic to be true. I have received help and advice with problems, constructive suggestions, and felt sincere affection, just from small comments after a post. These people span the full range of ages, backgrounds, and types. Outside of the blog however, it is unlikely that we would ever feel it natural to meet up, or become close. Putting all else aside, this is truly the power of being a blogger; human contact, communication, new experiences, and the sharing of ideas, and information.

I consider myself very lucky. I have not yet attracted the attention of many mad people, and only a few Religious zealots. Since I blogged about it, they have also stopped trying to sell me ladders, and foreign holidays, though a lot are still peddling their books, by liking posts, and pretending to follow blogs. They are a minority though, and to be expected in the age of electronic access. What I am left with, is a core of good blogging friends, and I truly believe that I will endeavour to remain in touch with them, whatever happens. And one of these days, if my financial situation ever improves, I may even go and visit some of them. So, you are warned!

I am one happy blogger today.

9 thoughts on “A happy blogger

  1. warning noted, but perhaps I may visit you ๐Ÿ™‚
    As always Pete your ability to communicate in an entertaining way keeps me spell bound.


    1. Beetley Pete’s writing first attracted me. He has a way with words and more words. My word, he must spend a lot of time writing words.


  2. I think thatโ€™s why I liked ‘The Straight Story’ as it explored similar ‘unexpected’ friendships and rekindled a little bit of my faith in human nature; it’s a shame that your ambulance stories tear it back down again!
    Keep on blogging.
    Sophie, I promise I’m going to give your blog another try ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Youre wrong Pete…Im crazy…and if you read the small print on my blog you’ll see that every ‘like’ is your agreement to purchase 10 times that number of ladders from me….
    Its true, blogging brings people together, it takes away all that rubbish about appearances and bad smells (lol) that may initially stop us talking to someone. it removes all pre-judgements and puts us on a level playing field (is that the right phrase?)
    us Folkies have to stick together ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. You should definitely give it a go Karen, what’s the worst that could happen? If you don’t enjoy it, just stop. Costs you nothing, and might change your life, or at least something in it! Thanks for your comment. Pete.


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