The dreaded Gravatar

For some time now, I have considered using a picture, to replace the randomly generated coloured pattern that is used by WordPress to denote ‘me’, for some reason. I wasn’t going to bother, but ‘savedindrafts’ mentioned that it would be easier to recognise my posts, if I had a distinctive photo, or graphic, alongside them.

I have long been jealous of the tumescent mushroom deployed by Eddy Winko, but I couldn’t copy that idea. I thought of using an Ambulance Service image, but didn’t like those UK ones that I could easily find. Besides, ‘youngemt95’ had started using American ambulance pictures and symbols, and I didn’t want to be a copycat. My good friend ‘drafts’ had a very nice bundle of romantic letters, tied as keepsakes, so a writing theme was out. A personal photo? This was a popular choice, and favoured by many. ‘rebecca2000’ has a particularly attractive photo, in which she is looking lovely, and exhibiting a beautiful warm smile. I couldn’t hope to compete with that, not in this life. ‘stilllearningtobe’ has a photo where she is wide-mouthed, could be afraid, shouting, or mid-laugh, and you can almost see her tonsils; just plain brave. A photo of me would simply be off-putting, and it would also explode any myth, and create prejudice in readers, whether they thought about it, or not. ‘strawberryquciksand’, from Australia, displays a nice image of her playing a violin, but I have no instrumental talents, so cannot follow suit. Others seek to convey the overall feel of the blog; ‘thedreamjournaltoday’ has a hazy, dream-like image, of a young girl walking in woodland. It may not be the blogger, then again, it might. ‘jessielandsel’ has an ancient Greek plate design, showing male love, fairly stating his preferences and purpose, well done him. Jim Medway uses one of his superb cat drawings, and makes a good political point at the same time. Sadly, my talent for drawing is almost non-existent, so no luck there, either.

Nothing seemed to suit me, or convey the slightest thing about my blog, or any of the categories. I decided to go with a photo of my dog, Ollie. He features a lot in the posts, and as I take him out a lot, he accompanies me as I muse and wander aimlessly. So, you will now see a small photo of a medium sized brown dog next to any comments from me. Ollie also looks a lot like me, despite his youth. He has pronounced jowls, wrinkly chops, and a few spare rolls of skin around his body. Wish I had his curly tail though…

4 thoughts on “The dreaded Gravatar

    1. Karen, I am tempted to claim credit for this, but feel I must be honest. This is a free WordPress theme, called MistyLook, and I have no idea where the photo was taken. I just felt that it went with a Country Life themed Blog. If you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, you will find a link to it. Mind you, parts of Norfolk do look exceptionally mysterious in the fog, especially when you don’t know where you are going, and get lost in the car… Regards, Pete.


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