Easter maladies

I would like to say that we had a nice Easter in Beetley, but sadly, I cannot. We had been anticipating better than usual festivities, as Julie had taken leave for the week following, and we were due to get out and about. Unfortunately, we have been variously stricken, and have just about managed through the last few days.

Ollie was the first to show symptoms of something. We had thought that his previous eye problems were behind us; but no. His eyes have started to stream again, one worse than the other. He is now booked in to the animal hospital at Newmarket tomorrow. We are fearing the worst; more surgery, and more upset for our little friend. He has been perky enough, but the familiar distress is plain to see, and treatment looks to be inevitable.

Then, Julie had to take antibiotics for a dental problem. Soon after, she developed an uncomfortable reaction, which has laid her low for most of this week. The planned outings have had to be scrapped, and she is not herself at all. It seems like she might be better by the weekend, but that has wasted a good five days of holiday, that hopefully would have been put to better use.

Then I became uncomfortable, with an irritating itch. This started on my chest, soon moving to my arms, and then my legs. Within three days, it had covered half my upper body, in a red angry lesion, and the rash extended across to my arms, and down both legs. As well as being uncomfortable, it is embarrassing, and relentlessly itchy. It got so bad yesterday, that I had to see a doctor. She was unusually sympathetic, and decided that it was an allergy to something. She has no idea what that may be, but has prescribed steroids, creams, and other potions, in an effort to cure it. It has brought me low, and made me feel unclean, and a little depressed.

The doctor also put me back on Statins. A recent blood test revealed that I still have unusually high cholesterol. She feels that the Statins are now an ‘acceptable risk’, so I am back on the dreaded ‘muscle wasters’. All in all, this has not been the week we had hoped for. Our social life has suffered, and so has my blog.

So, for those who care, there are new posts on the way, previously worked-up, and ready for corrections. I will also update you on our situation in Beetley, when I know more.

Thanks for your patience.

12 thoughts on “Easter maladies

  1. Get well soon to you all; as I was catching up after my mini break I was wondering what must have happened as I hadn’t missed any of your posts; now all becomes clear. All the best


  2. You have my sympathy, what a grim week for all of you. Hope you and Julie recover and Ollie’s eye problems get sorted. My Shar pei had ongoing eye problems too, due to all that loose skin. Our vet eventually gave him a ‘facelift’ removing a few wrinkles above his eyes. Although it seemed drastic at the time, it worked a treat and he never had eye problems again, so hope your vet can find a solution, and doctor for your allergy. Tx


    1. Just back from Newmarket. Ollie had to stay in, and he will be having a second eye operation for Entropion tomorrow. We will hopefully collect him on Saturday. Dogs are so trusting, it makes you feel bad! Regards, Pete. x


  3. Really, really, NOT what you want on your week off. I suffer terribly with allergies so I know what you’re going through Pete. Hope you, Julie and Ollie fare better very soon! x


  4. Oh you poor Johnsons, what a lousy Easter, very sorry to hear of those problems and I hope things resolve expeditiously.
    I had a pedestrian Easter, worked some of it which was good but we are all in desperate need of spring.
    Wishing you all better health,
    Ro xxx


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