A year on the blog

At the end of June, twelve months will have passed since I started this blog. It seems to have gone very quickly, but I find that all time passes much faster as I get older. As I have not been feeling up to much lately, I noticed that the blog(s) were the first things to suffer. I just couldn’t be bothered with them. The spark had gone, and inspiration was sadly lacking. With my first year coming up fast, I thought that I would review the blogs, and report on their progress, or lack of it.

I have written 282 posts on beetleypete, this will be number 283.

There have been 8,375 visits to the site. Allowing for the average viewing of 1.96 posts, that is approximately 4,030 visitors who have read something on the blog. However, as I happen to know that some have read more than 50 posts, and others have actually read almost all of them, I think a more realistic figure is 1,500. I am happy enough with that, as many are people who would never have heard of me before, and would have had no reason to ever know of my existence.

I supposedly still have 161 ‘followers’, whether on Twitter, by e-mail, or via WordPress reader. I take this very lightly, as most comments are from the same 20 people, and many of the so-called followers appear to have never read a post. I would be happy to say that I have at least 30 regular followers, and perhaps 20 who comment regularly, and leave it there. I myself follow 14 other blogs, and I do so with a strong sense of responsibility as a follower, trying to comment whenever appropriate, and always read their output. I remain impressed by all the blogs I follow, and a couple in particular have amazing writing, to a breathtakingly good standard.

My best ever day for visitors was May 25th this year, when 90 viewed the blog. This was prompted by a post being circulated on Facebook, which is ironic, as I hate this site normally. The best ever day for views shows 126 views on Feb 16th, with 110 visitors. As this involved over 100 views of one post (Some Japanese films) I see this as a ‘glitch’, and discount it accordingly.

I still have 12 posts that have never been viewed, including at least three of my personal favourites. I expect I should see this as good, though it would have been nice if someone had read them.

There have been over 1,000 comments on the posts. As over half of this number includes my replies, I will say 450 as a guide. On a personal level, this has been my biggest disappointment, as I had been hoping to generate a lot more comments, some ‘banter’, and perhaps more arguments. But this was not to be.

My other blog, redflagflying.wordpress.com has been running for almost three months. As intended, posting has been light, with a total of 12, including some re-posted from beetleypete. It has 9 followers, and has attracted some comments, though less than a dozen. The best day, the day it launched, there were 19 visitors. Since then, it normally gets 1 visitor and 1 view a day, sometimes 3 on a good day. It is a diversion, and a small hobby, compared to a ‘normal’ blog.

What started as an online diary of life in Norfolk, supposedly for my own reference, and of little interest to others, has become a lot more. I have opened up my life to the world, and given frank and open accounts of marriages, both failed and successful. I have re-examined relationships in detail, and looked at bereavement, retirement, and expectations of life in general. My opinions on films have been well-received for the most part, and my tales of life in the London Ambulance Service have proved popular too.

There is still a lot more left. Everyday life here continues, and the whole subject of my youth, and growing up in post-war London, has yet to be addressed. I have memories of my Mum, as a young woman, and as an elderly infirm woman too, that I will one day share. As time distances me from jobs that I did in the Ambulance Service, there will be more freedom to discuss particular calls, without causing offence or distress to the living victims. I have a great deal more to write about music, and plenty of opinions left on various films, actors, and directors.

So, thanks to everyone who has shown support over the past year. It is much appreciated, and valued too. The coming year should see less posts (so probably less viewers) as I will be a little choosier about what I write. I have quite enjoyed the ‘rest’ lately, but I am still looking forward to continuing the blog in the years ahead.

Once again, I urge all of you who are not yet blogging to give it a try. It is amazing what you can get from it.

20 thoughts on “A year on the blog

    1. It’s always worth remembering that the comments have to be halved, to allow for my replies, Andrew. This post is one from 2013, as you can see. Things have moved on a lot since those early days.
      I never got around to adding a ‘like’ to my own posts. Then again, I wrote them, so perhaps I should also ”like’ them. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Congrats on your first anniversary! I read this post when you first published it but didn’t get around to commenting until now. Do keep going – I always look forward to reading new posts from you.
    Interesting point you made about comments: I too was a bit surprised how (perhaps) ‘shy’ people were about commenting. Maybe it just takes more time, even beyond one year of blogging, to get a discussion going.


    1. Thanks for your kind words Mari. Some of my posts have generated up to 20 comments or more (10-12 if you discount my replies!) and others have never been commented on. I suppose it depends how people feel, but it is worth noting that it is ALWAYS the same people who comment regularly, and ‘strangers’ are a rarity. regards as ever, Pete. x


  2. Well my dear, it appears that June was a pretty good year in the blogosphere! Many congratulations on Beetleypete’s first anniversary. I enjoy reading it tremendously and always excited when I see a new post from you. You have a wittily dry, refreshing and straightforward way of writing and have a knack for drawing people in (I literally devoured the posts about your marriages/relationships and the ambulance stories). I’ve been away for a while but will catch up with the Time Machine post shortly. Well done for a fruitful year, and here’s to many more! Hugs, A x


    1. Thanks very much A. Your comments are much appreciated, and I hope that we both enjoy many more years of rewarding blogging. Regards and very best wishes to you as always. Pete. x


      1. ‘June was a pretty good year’…? Haha, clearly I meant June 2012 was a pretty good month etc, haha! 🙂


  3. Well done Pete on making it to one year, like Eddy, I was a bit concerned about your blogging hiatus. Glad you will keep going, hope too you are finally on the mend. I think you should list the posts no one has read, I want to read them! It seems every blog gets a hard core of committed commenters + lots of followers, a proportion who like, others who never interact (why follow then?). Your blog is one of the few non-food blogs I follow, I enjoy the diversity of your posts and above all, I admire your openness and honesty in sharing so many aspects of your life. Finally, I am very grateful that you follow my blog and take time to comment. Always appreciated. Keep up the good work, T x


    1. Thanks Tracey. I will have to go back through the stats to find the posts that show as never read, and I will let you know. I could write about food as well, though as I was brought up on pie and mash and vegetables boiled to extinction, I think it best left to the experts! Regards, Pete. x


  4. And I thought I had read every post you had ever written, I must look back again; I know I won’t be disappointed. Happy anniversary Pete, good to hear that you are simply reflective and not despondent about the whole blogging thing. I was beginning to worry you had stopped posting 🙂 Cheers, your avid reader in Poland, Eddy


    1. Cheers Eddy mate, it wasn’t despondency, just feeling rough, and lacking inspiration as I had more to worry about for a while. Still here, and going to carry on!


  5. I am very impressed by your analysis Pete, and hope that you are feeling in much better health now as I am enjoying your posts. I agree that comments seem much harder to obtain than ‘likes’. I always try to make a comment if I like a post (personally I like to know why someone likes my blog), and like you I am discovering that it is the same few people who actually comment. Still, it’s nice to know some people are interested. I look forward to sharing your years ahead 😉
    Jude xx


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