Another new category

Just for information, I have added a new category today, Holidays and Travel. I have written a few posts on this subject already, and have some more in the pipeline. Mainly to make it easier for me, I have included them in this category, as well as in Nostalgia and Reflections. I can now see them all in one place, and can refer to them, when writing new ones.

This does contradict a statement made in an earlier post, that there would not be additional categories on this blog. So, sorry about that, but here it is.

This will hopefully also help readers who wish to read more about my visits abroad, and also around the UK.

2 thoughts on “Another new category

  1. “This does contradict a statement made in an earlier post…” Instead of admitting the contradiction, you could simply have said, “I categorically deny ever having said that I would not make additions.” But seriously, I think it’s a great idea that will be of benefit to all. I look forward to reading some of the “Holidays and Travel” entries. Although I have little opportunity to venture beyond the American Southwest these days, I have done a bit of traveling in the past, and I always enjoy a good writer’s personal perspective on places of interest.


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