The Surprising World of Blogging

A few days ago, I was gripped by a writer’s malaise. My blog was going downhill fast, and my enthusiasm to continue was waning with the tick of the clock. Beetleypete was on the verge of becoming consigned to History, and I didn’t have the enthusiasm to muster up a post. So instead, I posted about this feeling, and got a serious amount of positive feedback, enough to make me decide to continue, in exactly the same old style.

The blog starts to throw unexpected things at you. People, some of them followers who rarely if ever comment, suddenly write something nice and reassuring. Complete strangers throw their hats in the ring, and old friends rally round, urging you to keep going. It would appear that I was in a slump, as predicted, and thanks to Jaypot, an occasional commenter, I was enthused to start over, searching my past, for fertile ground.

After two posts, I was back on form. I even managed another article unrelated to my blog, which was published on a film website. (Contributors list on right hand side)  This at least showed me that I had enough going on, to be thought worthy of publication elsewhere. Looking at my recent stats, I have had viewings from South Korea, Costa Rica , and Denmark. For me, this is what it is all about, global interest, frequent followers, and hopefully, more comments.

I did what I said I was going to do, and kept up with the blogs that I follow, or comment on. I sneaked in a few links to my own stuff, and enjoyed reading the work of other, often much better writers. Comments and likes appeared on my dashboard, from places hitherto unknown, and I got new followers on Twitter, as well as on WordPress. The totals are still low though, if you know about such things. The daily views are steady, spookily the same every day, despite the international differences. But it doesn’t matter. I have never been to Costa Rica, or South Korea, and I don’t know anyone there; so if they are reading my stuff, then that is OK with me.

I am revived, enthused, and back in the saddle. If fewer people are reading it, I don’t care; it is going out nonetheless. Because that is what blogging is all about. So, here I come again.

17 thoughts on “The Surprising World of Blogging

  1. Maybe I should be reading your posts in chronological order, although knowing your back before you left if good to know. Speaking as one who as just returned.
    All the best from sunny Poland.


  2. Hi Pete…I looked you up because I enjoyed reading your humorous comments on Eddy Winkos’ blog. I was hoping I’d see him here as he hasn’t written for a long time (speaking of quitting a blog). I miss his adventures about life. I’m hoping he will pick up his story where he left off and we will find out about his new baby and getting his strawbale house completed.
    Pat aka solarbeez
    Oregon Coast


    1. Hi Pat,
      Eddy is still about, though he has been working away from home, in Jersey, Channel Islands. I think he has recently returned to Poland, and I am sure that he will be posting again, once he sorts his life out back there.
      Best wishes from England, Pete.


  3. Dear Pete,
    I know your feeling of being frustrated with blogging very well. If I wouldn`t have had Dina and my sweet Bookfayries I would have finished blogging quite a while ago.
    I experienced that the topic blogging always attracts many reactions because every blogger can say something about it. It seems to me that any post has to be written that the reader can not only relate to it but also has a chance to answer. F.e. I noticed when I published a well written and researched article from my time as scientist I got nearly no response. Readers didn`t dare to react.
    On the other hand there is this do-ut-des-attitute in the bloggosphere: I comment at yours if you have commented at my blog. I hate this, because it’s soo time consuming and you end up with content-free commentaries.
    Dina and I had two blogs before but since January we united our two blogs. Of course, we lost 1500 followers out of 5500 but our daily clicks rose enormously and we got more comments (at least 100 per post). So I disagree with having two outlets. At least for my taste it’s much better to concentrate at one.
    These were just some quick ideas … I hope they will help in one way or another.
    Anyway, my Bookfayries Siri and Selma and I like your blog very much 🙂
    With love from “around the corner”


    1. Hi KB, thanks for a considered and detailed comment.
      In the case of you and Dina, I think you were right to combine the blogs into one. I am sure that the ‘lost followers’ will return, or be replaced by new ones. Your blog has an amazing amount of followers, and a huge number of comments on every post. That is because it is very good, with excellent photos, and relevant articles. So, you should be rightly pleased.
      I have never aspired to such a following, or that degree of loyalty. It is just that every now and then, I hit a slump, experience a loss of enthusiasm, and turn to the blogging world for ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. It is just seeking reassurance and a reason to continue I suppose, and I always kick myself afterwards, for doing it.
      As usual, the muse quickly returns, and the good feelings start to flow. The blog goes back to normal; 25-40 views a day, a few comments on each post, and some e mail communications. Order is restored in Beetley, and it is thanks to considerate bloggers like you, Dina, and many others, who really make me want to keep going.
      Love and best wishes to all four of you. Pete.


      1. Dear Pete,
        we, Dina and me, thank you very, very much for your kind and encouraging words. It’s great that we could be of a little help – and don´t we all need a little encouragement now and then?
        We wish you happy blogging 🙂
        With lots of love
        the Fabulous Four of Cley


  4. Brave, brave boy . . you dare not stop, enough people are depending on your revelations.

    We must go swimming when I visit . .


  5. Glad you are back Pete, my blogosphere would not be the same without you! I’ve been away and have to face the fact that life is getting on the way and my blogging and commenting increasingly irratic. Going to try and catch up with posts I missed over the next day or two. Hope to find the time to post as well. Hope the weather is ok Norfolk way. Minging here as ever!


  6. Well I for one am glad you are still with us! I look forward to the news from Beetley 🙂

    I haven’t been blogging for a year yet so I don’t know whether January is a particularly ‘down’ month, but I do know that my flower blog is suffering dreadfully. I receive very few likes and barely a comment. I don’t post as frequently as I did, but even so it’s a bit worrying that no-one seems to be interested in what I do post. Maybe it is time to close that one too, and just incorporate some of the posts on Travel Words.
    Jude xx


    1. I have another blog that has only had 6 views since Christmas, and went 18 days without a viewing. It doesn’t matter, it is just a way to get something out there, just for myself. I think it is good to have more than one outlet, as you can just let the other one take care of itself.
      News from Beetley will soon be resumed.
      Regards as always, Pete. XX


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