Minor physical problems

It is the 1st of October today, though looking out of my window at the moment, you could be forgiven for thinking that it is still July. Bright sunshine since early this morning, and some real warmth in it too. The forecast is that it is set to continue for a few days yet, before cooler weather makes its way down from the north.

This late summer would be ideal for getting so many things done, especially finishing up those jobs outdoors, normally prohibited by bad weather. Unfortunately, my body seems to be reluctant to play the game. A series of minor aches and pains look set to have banded together, causing a few otherwise manageable conditions to all appear at the same moment. Until about an hour ago, I couldn’t close my hand properly. The small joints in the fingers of my right hand were not working as they should, and giving great pain at the same time. Last night, I suddenly felt a sensation of great heat around the joint of my right knee. It became uncomfortable, then increasingly painful, and I had to apply pain-relieving gel, and go to bed fairly early. When I got up today, it was still there to some extent, though less intense.

At the weekend, we helped my step-daughter move into her new flat. It wasn’t unduly arduous. I helped manoeuvre  a few white goods into place, and to lift a washing machine into the back of a vehicle. A few boxes were lifted in and out of cars, and that was it. As far as my body was concerned, it was as if I had spent a week in a stone quarry. Pulled muscles in my ribs, joint pains in my wrists, and a general feeling of overdoing it prevailed. I have written before about the adverse effects that years of taking Statins have had on my muscles. Add the rib pain, knee pain, and fingers refusing to move, and I am feeling pretty useless today, I can tell you.

Getting older has made me realise that small things can and will happen. Individually, they are manageable. Pain-killers, adequate rest, and it is usually soon sorted. When they all arrive at once, it feels not unlike being under siege by your own body. This feeling is both unfamiliar, and most disconcerting. Regrettably, the only solution seems to be to wait it out, and to allow the problems to repair. This process also takes longer as you get older, so it becomes something of a vicious circle, preventing activity. I was hoping that it would be many years down the line, before such things became an issue. But there is no point ignoring the reality, so I will have to adjust my life accordingly.

19 thoughts on “Minor physical problems

  1. I am waving my magic wand from over here to make all the aches and pains disappear. Alas, we have to accept the ageing process but it does take an equable state of mind to do so. I keep having to remind Mr FND that his body isn’t the same as it was even five years ago. The recently-diagnosed arthritis is really making its presence felt at the moment and frustrating him beyond belief. Take it easy, Pete.


  2. Shifting white goods and lifting washing machines does not sound “unduly arduous” to me – those things are HEAVY! Hope you are back to normal soon 🙂


  3. “Regrettably, the only solution seems to be to wait it out, and to allow the problems to repair.” I see a certain irony in that statement. As you wait it out, the sands of time inexorably continue to pour through the neck of the hourglass, and Chronos continues to turn the wheel as Ananke spins the increasingly coarse threads of your fate. My advice would be to contact Benjamin Button, and see if he knows the key to turning back the unmerciful hands of the clock. While reading your post, I did have a vision of you racing along in Time’s marathon, and, not at all to my surprise, I also caught a glimpse of myself following you, breathlessly, and hot on your heels.


    1. You see the problem clearly David. Waiting for things to improve leaves the dilemma of allowing more things to go wrong during that time.
      What to do? I’m not complaining. I was born at a very good moment in history, and would certainly not change it, to have been born later.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


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