A grandson comes to Beetley

As I posted recently, we have been happy to announce the arrival of our new grandson. He now has a name! He has been called Kayton. This is without doubt an unusual name, and almost unknown in the UK. It is more popular in America, where it is used for both genders as a first name, and is common as a surname too. He is unlikely to face any confusion in later life, with such a unique monicker.

His arrival was similar to that of a visiting film star, at least in terms of the amount of baggage required. It is amazing how someone so small can require so much attendant luggage. Within moments, our large living area was filled to the brim with the accoutrements of babyhood. Bags, bottles, wipes, nappies, more bags, clothes, blankets, large teddy bear, and more bags. Then there was a substantial bean bag for him to rest on, and a fleecy throw to keep him warm as he did so. Not that it was needed of course. Between a loving mother, and doting grandma, he was always enveloped in one set of arms or another.

Despite his tiny size, at least for now, long fingers and large feet indicate that he may well grow to be very tall. He had a good appetite, enjoying his milk, and only crying when he wanted more, or was unable to expel painful wind. He was unusually quiet for an infant, and very alert too, holding his head up well, and watching what was going on. I had a hold of course, and he seemed fairly settled in my tentative grasp. Photos were taken in abundance, including some of me holding him, and many more involving Mum and Grandma.

It was also Ollie’s first encounter with a tiny baby. He gave Kayton some careful sniffs, and looked enviously at the large stuffed bear. When the baby cried, Ollie rushed to his side, presumably to offer help, unsure how to do so. Other than that, the dog didn’t bother him at all, and spent most of his time trying to find somewhere to lie down, in the small spaces not filled with things needed for baby.

After the evening meal, we took mum and baby home, filling the car boot with bags and prams, and adjusting the unfamiliar travel seat to fit into my car. It was the first of many visits to come, and it went very well. I passed my initiation as Granddad, and met the latest addition to the family.

19 thoughts on “A grandson comes to Beetley

  1. Christmas greetings to all your family and apologies for another blip on my wretched blog – between topping and tailing the sprouts, I was editing some excruciating drafted sentences about the Tragic Muse that had kept me awake last night, and PRESSED THE WRONG BUTTON again!


  2. After spending 10 days in New Zealand (plus several more either side in Sydney) with my latest grandchild I know fully what you mean about the amount of ‘stuff’ needed to take these small people about! I’m convinced I didn’t have half of this amount! But I enjoyed lots of cuddles and big beaming smiles and ‘chats’ with my boy. I shall miss him desperately as he is changing every single day and it will be a good six months at least before I see him again. Enjoy your little lad Pete, he will be a baby for such a short while. And have a great (if somewhat crowded) Christmas 🙂
    Jude xx


      1. You probably had a pram (which was too big for a car, if you even had a car) a cot and a few (very few) toys! You’d be bathed in the sink or a tub, nappies would be cloth and washed and re-used, wipes were a flannel! I’m not convinced that living in this very material world has improved life for everyone.


  3. This account of Kayton’s first visit is both amusing (the listing of “accouterments”) and touching (“settled in my tentative grasp”). As for Ollie, he is experiencing new situations that include bouncing deer and bouncing baby boys! I’m very glad that all went well, and I’m sure you will make a terrific grandfather.


    1. Thanks David. I have now corrected the spelling to ‘accoutrements’. As you know, it’s a French word, and that other spelling was ‘taken over’ by Google.
      Given the situation of being a step-grandfather, I will do my best to be a good one; bearing in mind he will also have two others!
      Glad you liked the post though.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


  4. And what a perfect grandad you make, many years of wise words and learnings. Am so looking forward to having the children, partners and of course Kayton here on the 22nd. Where we will put everyone and all the presents and baby stuff I dont know, 8 adults, a baby and a dog. Beetley beware. Xxx


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