Significant Songs (51)

Somewhere Only We Know

In 2004, I frequently heard a hit record performed by the British Indie band Keane. It was a nice enough song, but I was not a great fan of that group, and I hardly gave it another thought. I would not have considered buying the album containing the song, as I did not like the band that much, and it was somewhat different to their other material anyway.

Nine years later, before Christmas 2013, a new version of the song appeared. It was for use on the TV advertising campaign for the department store, John Lewis. To accompany the song, there was an extra-length TV segment, running over two minutes, and featuring cartoon animals. Lily Allen, daughter of the well-known actor and comedian Keith Allen, had enjoyed a varied career in the music business, with distinctive self-penned songs delivered in a strong London accent, and a unique vocal style. The nursery rhyme feel of this song was ideally suited to her voice, and the track took on a timeless quality as a result. She is quoted as saying that she was unhappy with it, and thought that she sounded too ‘screechy’. I don’t agree, as to my ears, she is just perfect for a song that could have been written for her. But wasn’t.

This is the longer version, showing how the cartoon film was made.

4 thoughts on “Significant Songs (51)

  1. It really is a top tune, the only bad thing about it for me is that it reminds me of last Christmas when I was in Jersey and not here at home in Poland.
    Loved the video as well, a great insight.


    1. Thanks David. It is not that highly regarded here, which I think is a mistake. It is a real mini-classic. The animation video is good, especially as she didn’t record any film of her own performance of the song.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


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