Nous sommes Charlie

Given the recent tragic events in France, I thought it suitable to re-blog this post from the Fabulous Four of Cley-next-the Sea. If you would like to, feel free to do the same with their post, or mine. I am making the presumption, that given the circumstances, they won’t mind…

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8 thoughts on “Nous sommes Charlie


    Landmarks including Tower Bridge and the London Eye ferris wheel were lit in the red, white and blue of the French tricolor flag. The French colors were also projected onto the facade of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, where more than 1,000 people gathered Sunday in solidarity with the French people.

    Many carried “Je suis Charlie” signs, and some held pens aloft as a tribute to the slain cartoonists.

    Mayor Boris Johnson attended the rally and said it had been organized to express with Paris “our feelings of unity in grief and in outrage, and obviously in determination of these two great historic cities of freedom to stand together.”

    London has been hit by several major terrorist attacks, the most lethal in July 2005, when four al-Qaida-inspired bombers killed 52 people on three subway trains and a bus.

    © The Associated Press (1/11/15)


    1. Nothing much about Charlie Ebdo here in Norfolk I’m afraid David!
      A reminder for me of the 7/7 bombings in London, one only a few hundred yards from where I lived then. I was on night duty, working for the Police, and I slept through it all. Going into work that evening, I was the only person walking towards the centre, everyone else was leaving. I will not forget that day.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


  2. Pete, I continue to follow this story on French and English language media. and have posted the JeSuisCharlie hashtag on both Facebook and Twitter, as well as expressed my outrage over this assault on freedom of the press. I have also commended the people of France for rallying in public squares in support of free speech. People in other countries have rallied, too. The response to this bloody massacre carried out in the context of religious extremism sends a clear message to the world that civilized nations will defend the inalienable rights of its people.


    1. Thanks David. As with many of these attacks, I have my doubts about the truth behind them. That the suspects were under surveillance, yet allowed to apparently organise such a professionally-staged attack, is of concern to me. The opportunity it gives governments and Right-Wing groups to step up measures against peaceful Muslims is also worrying.
      However, whatever the causes, it was a tragedy for those concerned, and that is why I re-blogged this post from Dina.
      Thanks as always for your thoughtful comment. Pete.


  3. Dear Pete,
    quoting Colltales we’d like to express our sympathy:
    We should all stand firm on this issue, not out of hate for any particular religion but because freedom of expression is the stepping stone to any society, period. There can be no compromise, except when expression means hate, which was never ever the case with Charlie. Very sorry about this.
    Kind regards,
    Siri & Selma xo


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