A Birthday update.

Well it’s nearly time to say goodbye to another birthday. Despite not being able to go to the seaside, it worked out OK. I got 11 cards, and messages to say that I would be receiving more tomorrow. There were nice presents too; some bottles of wine, two DVD films, a CD, and even some cash. There is the hope of more to come, extending the whole birthday experience into the weekend.

Despite a murky start, the weather brightened and warmed up. The afternoon walk with Ollie was very good, and he got to see all his regular friends, in a big group. The problem with the central heating should be sorted tomorrow, for not much outlay. Even if it isn’t cured then, the wood-burner is going strong, and the hot water is in abundance from the electric heater. I got lots of text messages, phone messages, and e-mails too. Then there were all the nice comments on my previous post as well.

When Julie got home, I opened more cards and my gifts from her, and we went to a local hotel restaurant. I had a starter of pigeon and black pudding that was very tasty. This was followed by a main course of pheasant, something I don’t enjoy that often. Nice locally-sourced produce, and fresh too. It was delicious, and very delicate in flavour; accompanied by rostis, and curly kale. A nice house Shiraz completed my dining experience, and friendly staff were the icing on the cake.

Back home to a glowing fire, and a relaxing latter part of the evening. All in all, a pretty good birthday, at least in my book.

45 thoughts on “A Birthday update.

    1. Hi Lucy. It was The George in Dereham. We have had some issues there in the past, but also some excellent meals. We haven’t been there since a Valentine’s Day debacle in 2013. Saying that, we were asked to eat in the bar last night, rather than the restaurant. The staff did offer to open the restaurant for us, but we opted to stay in the bar, with the other diners.
      The menu was the same, and the two staff couldn’t have been more attentive, or helpful.
      Julie used her ‘Taste Card’, a discount card from her Natwest account, and saved Β£18. I can recommend The George wholeheartedly, except on ‘Music Nights’, when it is best avoided.
      Very best wishes to you. Pete.


          1. As I am getting on a bit, how about Anita Ekberg (La Dolce Vita!), the young Sophia Loren, and some of the ‘curvier’ ladies of the past? Most modern girls are much too thin, but Catherine Zeta Jones always works!

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  1. Belated happy returns. I wish I could have seen you and Ollie on the Birthday Walk, and the pheasant and Shiraz has got me salivating over my morning coffee. Fascinating that rural Norfolk still manages to preserve itself in a time capsule (on Mondays at least).


  2. Pete, I’m glad to hear that you had a “pretty good” birthday after all. In my book, that would qualify as an “excellent” birthday. As I write this, you still have about 35 minutes of birthday time left. I hope you look back on this day and appreciate the fact that you have a fine circle of friends and family (and, of course, we mustn’t forget Ollie). Best wishes for your 63rd year!


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