More photos of Ollie

After the photo post recently, some of you asked to see more of Ollie. So here he is.

A rear view, walking in the woods. Not his best angle.

Fjui X30 030

By the new bench on the riverbank. (The bench is for Jude…)

Fjui X30 036

In the river again.

Fjui X30 040

Looking along the meadow, hoping to spot a friend.

Fjui X30 008

As with the others, all the large files can be viewed if you click the photo. And they can be enlarged from those too, for fine detail. I hope that you enjoy these shots of my canine companion.

33 thoughts on “More photos of Ollie

  1. I guess this might be too much to expect, considering you are the guy usually operating the camera, but I’d like to see a couple of shots with you and Ollie similar to your “About” page.

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  2. I think Ollie is very handsome at the front and back. My husband said he wished he had a model as good as that….The Beetley Meadows have a lush, magnetic beauty in the light of your photos, too.


  3. Pete, I love these shots of Ollie, and your camera takes really good pictures. Bravo, Ollie ~ You’re a Superstar !

    Take care and have a great weekend, from Laura ~


  4. He always looks so worried bless him. Thank you for the bench. Nice curves, though I am a little concerned that Ollie is going to mark it as his territory πŸ˜€


      1. I wondered if it was plastic (or resin) – I suppose they last longer than wood, but don’t seem so charming. I’m willing to share it with Ollie πŸ™‚


  5. Why do all animals love to give the rear shot before photographers? I can’t tell you how many goat, duck and chicken pics I have of them walking away. Maybe they’re trying to tell me something. Adorable dog. πŸ™‚


  6. πŸ‘ Lovely shots of Ollie, dear Pete. I especially love the first, the third and last image and the second for Judith looks so fine as well,
    Which Programm do you use post-editing?
    Btw, this is my second comment on this post, I think the new update on WP is a nuisance, a real pain. The appearance in the reader was much better before, now I keep jumping back and forth, aaaah time to go to bed … πŸ˜‰
    Good night to Beetley from Norway (on hour ahead of you),
    Dina & co x

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    1. No processing at all Dina. Straight jpegs from the camera. These were all shot using Kodachome film simulation mode in camera, aperture priority, f5.6. I applied +1 stop exposure compensation, but I don’t think it was needed in all the shots. Never mind, still learning! xx

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