The chance of a shower

Is it any wonder that I complain so much about the weather?

Before going out with Ollie today, I checked the BBC weather news at lunchtime. When they got to this area, the man smiled and said, “there will be a chance of a shower in the east.” Fair enough, I am warned.

Out with Ollie, I took along my umbrella, and there was a shower or two. I had taken my precautons, and managed to avoid the worst of the precipitation. By the time we were heading home, around 3.40 pm, it was best described as ‘continuous rain.’ By 4 pm, it was heavy enough to sound on the roof, and spatter the windows. I headed off for my trip to the supermarket, and immediately needed full-speed wipers in the car.

The rain on the road was making a fair bit of noise. In dips and corners, it had accumulated enough for passing cars to splash unwary pedestrians. In Dereham, people were running from the downpour, and it seemed that almost everyone had been caught out by the late rain. By the time I got to Tesco’s car park, a dash of just over one hundred yards to the sanctuary of the interior was enough to give me a reasonable soaking.

I drove back in more heavy rain, and unloaded the car, protected by the tailgate. As I type this, I can hardly hear the sound of the TV in the next room, for the noise of the rain.

BBC, please take note. That is not the ‘chance of a shower.’ Not by anyone’s reckoning.

22 thoughts on “The chance of a shower

    1. Indeed it does. However, billionaires have the distinct advantage of being able to follow the better weather around the globe, travelling first class, whereas I have to tolerate whatever is thrown at me in Beetley.
      Regards from Norfolk, Pete.

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    1. It must be awful to have thunderstorms every day, Arlene. I suppose that is the price of the lush tropical plant life, and exotic flowers. I hope that you have a good umbrella!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. At least today here there was no doubt as it was raining in the morning but then it cleared up, and other than a few drops, it has behaved. I’ve seen weather forecast be quite precise when matters were important (I remember volunteering years ago in Barcelona to cordon a street during John Paul II’s visit and they warned us the day before that it would rain, and they were right). I had to come and live here to understand why people seemed to talk about the weather so much, here.


    1. Trust never comes into it mate, just frustration and annoyance! The Met Office have lost the BBC contract for weather forecasts, and it will taken over by a private company. No doubt it will get even worse!
      Cheers, V. Pete.

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  2. Lol. This is why I always use the Met Office website. If I can see from the cloud/rain forecast map that there is ‘a chance of a shower’ I take a look at the latest radar/cloud/rain observation map, run the sequence to see how fast everything is moving and then make an estimate of when said ‘showers’ are likely to hit and how long they are likely to last. Then make my decision accordingly. Getting wet on a mobility scooter is a fairly yucky affair because you end up sitting in it… unless, of course, you have some sort of voluminous cape. I don’t.


  3. Ah, we had the showers in the morning followed by a gloriously sunny afternoon. You’d be much better walking Ollie here in the west – or maybe you need to change his walk time to the morning!


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