The return of the crop circles

Almost a year ago, I wrote about a worrying skin condition that was affecting our dog, Ollie. His fur was falling out in a circular pattern, revealing a sore patch on the skin, and a worrying baldness in the area. After some visits to the Vet, it was eventually cleared up by a combination of creams and shampoos, as well as some antibiotics. Since last November, Ollie has had his fair share of ear infections, and some more trips to the Vet, but after his main moult, he seemed to have been clear of most problems.

Sadly, I have to report that the crop circles are back. And they are on his back too, running in a discernible line along his spine. As well as being unsightly, they have sore patches in the centre, and they are obviously causing him some distress, as he cannot reach them with his paws. I have applied the same cream, and been careful when stroking, but they are not going away. If anything, they are getting worse.

Last year, the Vet was unconcerned about them. He said that they were a non-infectious, bacterial problem, well-known in Ollie’s breed; that of a Shar-Pei. That doesn’t really help, when you love your pet, and don’t want him to suffer. So we make sure he is happy in every other way. He gets the same walks, the same food and treats, and also plays with his doggy pals over The Meadows. I know many of you think a lot of Ollie, so I can assure you that if it gets any worse, he will be going back to the Vet. In the meantime, he is still eating, still playing the same as always, and still seems to be as happy as ever.

Here is a link to the last post, in case you didn’t see it.

Just keeping you updated.

22 thoughts on “The return of the crop circles

  1. Pete, I thought I would go back a bit through your post, I hope that skin condition didn’t come back.. My neighbors dog had sort of the same problems with fur and skin… they tried so many things for their pet, but nothing appeared to help very much.. Sounds like you have a wonderful Vet for Sweet Ollie and he is well taken care of and by you and your wife….

    Take care, Laura


    1. Although the tablets are finished, the fur has yet to grow back, so he does still have his bald spots. The only way the Vet can identify the cause is to have samples of the plants, soil, and water from all the areas where we walk Ollie, and then send them for allergy testing analysis. It is a very long, and very expensive process, which we sadly cannot afford. The treatment does work, and is only once or twice a year, so we will have to leave it at remedies for now.
      Regards from Ollie! Pete.


        1. The main reason we haven’t gone ahead is the possibility that we could put Ollie through all the testing, and have no guarantee, or even an even chance, of success. If the ‘cure’ could be certain, then we would just raid the savings. Ollie stays cheerful at least, and acts pretty much as normal.
          Cheers, Pete.


  2. I hope it clears up soon, as long as he keeps eating then he’ll be good!
    One thing that may be worth a try, and I say this from our recent experience of making soaps, is Aleppo soap. It’s great for many skin conditions, human and otherwise and it’s a completely natural solution. I’d send you some on but our batch won’t be ready for another 6 months, however it’s easily sourced on Amazon and the like.


  3. Hi Pete, sorry to hear about Ollie. Ruby had a bunch of skin issues in her first year, including mites… which caused the hair around her eyes and on her face to fall out. The vet gave her antibiotics, etc. but it was stressful to see her so uncomfortable. Please do let us know how Ollie does. Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery!! All the best, Niva


    1. Nice to see you. I hope all’s well with you in the USA, and thanks for your comments. Ollie was checked for mites, and had samples of skin scrapings sent to laboratories. They said back then that is was an ‘unknown’ bacteria, and although it looked unpleasant, it wasn’t that harmful. The skin normally clears up eventually, and the fur grows back after that. It is not nice to look at though, and we do worry that he is good at not showing discomfort.
      Very best wishes from Norfolk. Pete.


    1. No it’s not Mange, Ringworm, or any of the usual suspects. It happens around this time most years, just flares up worse sometimes.It only bothers him if you rub it, or catch it when you stroke him. If it doesn’t clear up soon< i will take him back to the Vet.
      Here's a pat for you, Maggie. (((((((((((

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