Significant Songs (94)

Just A Little

Despite many years spent pontificating about the musical greats, the Jazz giants, the old-time Blues artists, and various torch-song divas, I do allow a little mindless pop music into my life now and again. The odd song that doesn’t need thinking about, require analysis, and isn’t struggling for its place in the history of modern music. As with many others recently, a television advertisement brought this one back into my consciousness, and reminded me just how much I liked it at the time. As someone who takes his music very seriously, I suppose that I should be writing this with a tinge of embarrassment, perhaps even an advance apology. No need. It’s just a fun pop song, and I am not claiming it is anything but.

The three women and two men who made up the group Liberty were the losers in a television talent contest called ‘Popstars.’ They formed the group in 2001, then had to change the name to Liberty X, when challenged by an existing group named Liberty. Like many ‘losers’ they actually did better than the winners, (the group Hear’Say) with significant sales of their debut album, released in 2002. By 2005, they were no longer that popular, and had already been dropped by one record label. They formally split in 2007, but have since reunited for occasional tours with groups from the same era.

This song was from that debut album, and had considerable success around the world. It represents a certain kind of forgettable chart music that was very popular at the time. But it won’t hurt you, and it doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t.

32 thoughts on “Significant Songs (94)

  1. I remember watching them on Popstars like it was yesterday. I have to say at the time I preferred the winners Hear’Say, but this song has stood the test of time far better than anything the winners released!


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