Significant Songs (105)

Only You

In 1981, Alison Moyet was a big girl, with an even bigger voice. When she teamed up with Vince Clarke, who had just left Depeche Mode, the duo were set for a brief but important career as the group Yazoo.
Alison is now 54, and still working. Think Adele, without the beehive hairdo and dress sense, but a huge voice too. Vince Clarke went on to form Erasure with Andy Bell, and they continue to perform today.

The synthesiser sound and electro-pop of the period gave us many hits and misses, but Clarke always seemed to be one step ahead, and to anticipate trends, or start them. He was never a front man, and always played an unassuming role on the stage, content to leave the limelight to the vocalists.

On my 30th birthday, in 1982, I heard this song played, and went out to buy it immediately after, unable to get it out of my head. I could tell that Moyet had real talent, and the lack of orchestration and production values was the very thing that made this stand out, and seem different. As a duo, they enjoyed many more hits, and big-selling albums too. But it wasn’t to last, and differences caused the pair to split soon after, in 1983.

They both continue to have successful careers, and Alison Moyet has also branched out into Jazz, becoming one of the most respected British recording artists of her generation. They have occasionally re-formed Yazoo for specific performances, but we are unlikely to ever hear the like of this song from them again. This video is a hoot. It is so 1980s!

15 thoughts on “Significant Songs (105)

  1. What do you think of Roger Whittaker? I sometimes walk a park trail rather than get on my treadmill and bike and I find I always have to start off with his , “The Last Farewell”.


      1. Thanks, Pete. The double CD I have has 2 whistle songs, but not this one, On the CD, he says that when he was still trying to make a living in music, he came up with the whistling as a gimmick. I would say it worked!!


  2. Love Alison Moyet – fabulous voice. Every time I hear her, I’m reminded of working for the World Service at Bush House doing a programme (for foreign leaners of English) about certain ‘pop’ songs. Wonderful memories.


  3. Oh, my, I feel old! I remember going to see Moyet in concert…when she had gone solo..Love Resurrection was the song that struck me…her presence, her voice!


    1. She did have a powerful stage presence, Sue. All of her solo songs are pretty good, but I chose this because it was the first time I had heard her sing. I saw her on Jools Holland a while ago, singing some Jazz standards. She’s still very good.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. I can recall my mum listening to this when I was a child. Her and my dad have great taste in music, though my dad sometimes jokes that the music I listen to is not good.


  5. Remember it well, I think I still have a copy of ‘Upstairs at Erics’
    I was in the school play at the time, a droll story of industrial Britain up north. I think our drama teacher was on a downer at the time… I have to try and find out the name of the play….I still remember my words!


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