A sunny walk with the camera

Despite the cold, and recent snow, I awoke to a sunny day, that if anything, was too bright. I made up my mind to venture out with Ollie earlier than usual, to get the best of the day, before any cloud settled in during the late afternoon. This meant that his usual doggy pals would not be around, so I quickly headed over to Hoe Rough, to give him a bigger walk, with my camera taken along too. As usual, all the photos are large files. They can be clicked on, for full screen, and further enlarged for detail. The bright weather allowed for some good photos today, and the details are very well-rendered.

The constant rains have waterlogged the ground. This standing water was frozen on the surface.


A few paces further on, and the rest of that water was joining up, forming what looked like a small canal. It made the normally dry area look more like marshland, or a swamp.


I wandered across to this fallen tree. It has been down for some time now, and nature is beginning to reclaim both the crater left behind, and what is left of the root-ball.


Near the limit of the reserve is this small depression, which we know as ‘The Dell.’ This is where I usually ask Ollie to search for bears, and have a well-earned rest on one of the lower branches.


I tried to get Ollie in all the photos. He was drinking from the water in the first ones, but managed to avoid being photographed. Near the fallen tree he scampered off, and refused to return for any posing. Once at The Dell, he left as soon as the camera appeared. I suspect that he has employed a photographic agent, as he never willingly appears in shot!

It was a nice walk, and the sun felt hot, on my heavy coat. At least it wasn’t raining.

36 thoughts on “A sunny walk with the camera

  1. Lovely to see this post with those wonderful pictures on such a gorgeous day. I don’t think I’d seen it the first time around, although I know Ollie’s camera shyness is legendary. Thanks for allowing us to revisit it, and I hope there are many more to come. Enjoy the rest of the week and the best to your family and to Ollie.

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  2. I enjoyed the photos, Pete. I am planning on getting out when the weather warms up. I need to replace my smartphone, and I see they are now as good as my DSLR. Nothing will ever beat the old film though. A lovely place for you to have for walks. All the best to Ollie.

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    1. Thanks, Ron. That nature reserve is within sight of the house, so ideal to have so close by.
      I still use cameras, as I like to have a viewfinder. I have a modern Chinese smartphone with a fancy camera inside it, but have never used it to take photos.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. If they are in a ‘natural setting’, they are allowed to overgrow and fall during high winds, or when the roots are washed away by flooding. The Tree Officer is only concerned about trees on private land, or those that are likey to fall and obstruct a road, or injure passersby.
      He is very selective in his responsibilities!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Reblogged this on beetleypete and commented:

    Reblogging this old photo post for the benefit of new followers since it was posted in February 2016. Almost six years ago, a few days after Ollie’s 4th birthday, and on a very cold day in Beetley.
    The camera used was the Fuji X30, and the aperture settings were either f5.6 or f8. All the files are straight from the camera, with no post-processing.

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    1. It might well be my own shadow, as the sun was behind me, and to the left.
      I have just enlarged this in detail again, and I am sure that it is me, Lola! I must try to not get into my own shots. Glad you liked them though.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. I’m glad you had an opportunity to get out under the sun today, As usual, I enjoyed the photos. The flooded areas make for interesting photographic compositions. Perhaps a golf course is in order? Fore!


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