More Nature: Tree growths

In the woods that fringe Beetley Meadows, is this old half-dead tree. The trunk still appears to be solid enough, and shows no sign of falling down anytime soon. But it has no branches, and hence no foliage, so is unlikely to survive much longer.

I spotted these growths appearing on this tree some time ago. I presumed that they were a kind of fungus. However, over the past year, they have become larger, and have also solidified. Although the underside has a sponge-like feel, almost resembling polythene, the outer casings are as hard as metal, and stuck solid to the trunk. I took some photos of them today, as I know how many of you like to see some nature. As usual, they can all be enlarged for detail.

From a short distance, you can see how many there are on this one tree.

Moving in closer, there are some at different stages of development.

This one on the right of the group is the ‘Daddy’ of them all. It is about ten inches across, and feels as hard as iron.

I have no doubt that many of you nature-watchers out there will be able to tell me just what these alien lumps are. I await the news in the comments section.

(Got the answer very quickly. See the link in David’s comment below. It is a fungus.)

33 thoughts on “More Nature: Tree growths

          1. It’s a quote from Inglourious Bastards lol sometimes when I’m typing (or talking) I just say things without really thinking it through!! Happy Friday from a silly head! xxx


              1. It’s when the Jew Hunter says “that’s a bingo!” and Aldo replies “You just say Bingo” towards the end of the film šŸ™‚ always find it mildly amusing, mainly down to Aldo’s grave tone! xxx


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