Nicholas Rossis: My guest review

Nicholas is an urbane and witty gentleman who lives in Athens. A published author, his literary website strives to promote other writers too, as well as his own work. It is always crammed with useful information and tips, together with a remarkably positive outlook on life. He recently featured a new free book, about how to understand the complex reviewing system on Amazon. Today, he has kindly published my own review of that book.

If you ever think about publishing a book or selling a product using Amazon, in any country, that book is a must-read, before you start that process. If you already have books published there and cannot get your head around how the reviews work, or why you don’t get any, this book will explain why.

Here’s a link, with my thanks to Nicholas.

Beetleypete Reviews “How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon”

19 thoughts on “Nicholas Rossis: My guest review

  1. I’ll have to look into all of this. I’ll be publishing the first of a two-part detective novel on Amazon sometime in the not-too-distant future (early 2017, probably). There are currently only two reviews for “Pope on the Dole.” I would definitely welcome more!


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