Archival neglect

Looking up one of my old posts from 2012 today, I noticed that it had only ever had one comment, and no likes. That is not important in itself. It was quite a niche article, about something that had been on the news. It made me think about some of my old posts, the ones that I had enjoyed writing, on subjects that I found interesting, or were close to my heart. Some time ago, one of my fellow bloggers suggested that I re-blog these dusty posts from my archives, for the benefit of new followers.

After all, not many of us bother to delve into the four year-old archives of a blog that we decide to follow, do we? Although I have been very happy to see that some people have devoted a very long time to reading every single one of my posts, I accept that this is just not practical. Concerning the post that started me thinking, I posted a link to it on another blog, and it generated comments immediately. When you have dared to publish in excess of 1,000 posts on a blog, it would be outrageous vanity to expect anyone to want to plough back through the years, to read something you wrote in 2012. However, my wise blogging friend (that’s you, Jude) had a good point. What about new followers? Blogs change as they grow. Categories alter, and the writing style can improve (or not) with time.

I have decided not to embark upon a series of re-blogs of old stuff. Nonetheless, I would like to use this post to feature some of my personal favourites, and I will give some idea what they are about, before the link. If you have a spare moment, or find something interesting to you, then please take the time to read over them. Sometimes hidden gems lurk in archives, so I will endeavour to act on my own suggestion, and to look back over those of my followers during the coming months.

Almost four years ago, I wrote this longer post about gun laws, and the arguments against being allowed to carry or own weapons. In the light of the numerous shootings both before and since, it may have some relevance, even after all this time.

I do not often publish intentionally humorous posts. As is often the case, some people find humour in a turn of phrase, or a description of an event, and others discover some underlying wit in pieces that might appear to be serious. This is one post that I did intend to be read as something lighthearted, but does have a background of personal dislike of certain individuals. If you read this, I would bet you will soon be thinking of those who you would love to put into the machine!

Many people seem to enjoy the film and cinema articles here. In fact, some even ask me to write more. Yet in the category ‘Film and Cinema’, many posts have only rarely been read. When I started out, I concentrated on films from specific countries, usually five or six examples, with short reviews and clips. Here is one example that has felt the cold in the basement of my archives.

After spending 22 years in the London Ambulance Service, I obviously had quite a few tales to tell. At one time, these posts were high up in the list of favourites on this blog. I rarely post in that category anymore, as I was fearful of repetition. So it is understandable that newer readers hardly ever venture back into that category. Here’s one that I liked myself. It is 100% true, I assure you.

That’s it for now, just the four. I am only trying to gauge if anyone is remotely interested. If you are, let me know in the comments, and I will search out some more. If not, then I will just close the door to that old vault, and say no more about it.

25 thoughts on “Archival neglect

  1. Good post, Pete. I did read some of your ambulance adventures when I first visited your blog, but not that one! I always meant to go back and read some more, but never have, so good on you for sharing it!

    When it comes to guns, I confess that I am not quite as bloodthirsty as your good self ๐Ÿ˜‰ Whilst I have fond memories of chasing my brother around with a toy machine gun, I have no interest in the real thing. I did appreciate the honesty with which you wrote, though. I suspect anger lies at the root of a great deal of gun crime and I think we are kidding ourselves if we don’t believe we (or a loved one) could ever ‘lose it’ in the same way.

    As for the mallet game, there is always this: ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Pete, Can I put a link to this post in my Monday Morning blog post? This post is part of my attitude turn around to just make time to write instead of talking about not having time to write. It gave me a great idea to pick up some posts from the past, rework them and move some unfinished ones forward. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


  3. I think it’s a great idea to post links with a synopsis. I don’t repost as mine are pictures rather than words mostly, but would always link back to a place if I revisit somewhere I’ve been before.


  4. 22 years in Ambulance service, what an astounding gift to humanity. Indeed, what stories you must have. I read your posted story and wondered how you handle what you’ve seen.


    1. Thanks, Carolyn. At the time, you just turn up and do your job. It is only really afterwards that you think about it. To be honest, much of it becomes routine, although you wouldn’t think so.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    2. From my experience I think that the sort of person who joins the ambulance service is aware before they join that they will see and experience stuff that the ordinary person on the street wouldn’t expect to see.

      I feel sorry for the people who come across the things emergency personnel see accidentally.

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  5. What a great idea! I like how you are going about it by putting the feelers out there with the summaries. I have a couple of posts that I’m looking at picking up and completing the thoughts on them now. Maybe it is the writer in us that feels the need to not only complete what we start, but to also open up and look back at what we have done. I’ll take a closer look and see what areas may interest me.


  6. Great idea to re-post…I do it if I really love something and want more people to see it…also, I post certain stories for fans of a certain type of film or musical artist, and I find that new members of those fan pages enjoy finding them….


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