Mavis and Johnny

This is a work of fiction. A short story of 1500 words.

Mavis didn’t mind her name. Others said it was old-fashioned, but she liked that it was unusual. Even though she was only thirty-one, she was one of the oldest at the office. Giggly girls looking at Facebook and Twitter all day, hardly doing any work. Mavis wasn’t like them at all. She didn’t get invited to the nights out, or bowling at weekends. That suited her just fine. She would go home to her cat, and curl up in front of the TV with her favourite programmes. On Sundays, she would get the bus to go and see mum and dad, and enjoy a slap-up lunch. She worked hard, was well thought of by her boss, and if she didn’t have many friends, that was alright by her too.

Johnny’s first day at the new place felt strange. It was only his second job, but his computer skills had secured it against a lot of competition. Mr Williamson showed him around. If he was going to be the technical guru at the place, he would have to know all the departments. The last office he was shown into was full of young girls, and they all eyed Johnny appreciatively, sending each other text messages as he walked past. “I am going to leave you in the capable hands of Mavis for the rest of the day, John. There’s not much she doesn’t know about our systems.” Mr Williamson left, and Johnny took the seat offered next to the woman.

Johnny looked her over. She was about his height, and a rather severe bob gave her the look of a schoolteacher. He reckoned she was a fair bit older than him, but she had a nice figure in a chunky sort of way, and her legs looked pretty good as her skirt rode up when she sat down. She was clean and smart, and she had a nice smell about her too. As she ran through the various systems they operated, she dangled one of her shoes on and off her foot. Johnny looked at the stockinged foot appearing and disappearing as the low heeled shoe flapped on and off. He liked that, he decided.

Mavis thought John was lush. Not too skinny, and not too hairy. She didn’t like hairy men, or beards and moustaches. And he didn’t have that awful stubble that so many men think looks so good. His open-neck shirt was lovely and white, and his grey trousers nicely pressed too. The black shoes were not very shiny, but they were made of the sort of leather that’s supposed to look dull. He wasn’t that tall though, but Mavis was used to that. Not many women reach five feet nine without shoes. She crossed her legs, intending to show a bit of thigh. Her Barely Black tights were sheer, and made a nice swishing sound as she moved. She spotted him looking, so dipped her shoe on and off to see if that got his attention. It did.

The office girls were all muttering, looking over their shoulders at Mavis and Johnny behind the big supervisor’s desk. Let them look thought Mavis, it’s me he’s sitting with.

She could have showed him the systems in ten minutes. He obviously understood them straight off, and showed her a few short cuts even she didn’t know. But she laboured over each screen, slowly going down the listings and categories, taking her time. She uncrossed her legs, then re-crossed them the other way. He looked, she saw him look. She reached up to stretch, pretending to be sitting awkwardly. This gave her the chance to thrust her breasts forward under the smart blue blouse. She was certain that he noticed. Just to make sure, she leaned forward, reaching down into the lowest drawer of the desk for some papers. That gave him a nice view down her blouse, and she was in no doubt that he had a good eyeful.

She checked her watch. Smiling at John, she said, “Lunchtime soon. I usually go to a nice sandwich bar behind the market. Would you care to join me?” He nodded. “Sure, that would be nice. I need to find my way around.”

Ten minutes into the lunch, and Johnny was hoping it would soon be over. Mavis just talked about herself, and didn’t stop. He already knew that her cat was called Cleo, and had seen a photo of it on her phone. She lived in Acacia Grove, just a fifteen minute walk from work. It was her own flat, only a one-bed, but the block was ‘exclusive’, and the apartment ‘well-appointed’. The mortgage was affordable, and much cheaper than renting. Her parents lived about ten miles away, easy enough on the bus. They were retired, and she was an only child. She came late in life to mum. Johnny was wondering if it was all worth it. However, she was showing some serious cleavage, and a lot of her curvy legs. He got the idea. She was interested. But would she ever shut up?

Mavis was happy. It was going well. He listened attentively, and even nodded when she suggested that he might like to accompany her to her parents’ place for Sunday lunch one of these days. He kept looking at her legs and chest too. A real giveaway. He was interested, she was convinced of that. At the end of the lunch as they were walking back to work, he said the clincher. “Call me Johnny, Mavis. I prefer that to John”. He had shared a pet name with her. They were destined to be, of that she was certain. She wanted him, and he definitely wanted her. She would make sure that they both got their wish.

It wasn’t hard to suggest a date. Mavis waited outside after work, and caught Johnny leaving. “I could show you some nice bars and restaurants in town if you’re interested. Perhaps tomorrow night?” Johnny shrugged. He didn’t have anything else to do. “Okay, sounds good. Pick you up about eight.” Mavis gave him directions to her flat, and hurried home excitedly. She spent the evening choosing her best outfit for tomorrow, and getting the place looking just right.

Johnny was working on the top floor all the next day, so she didn’t see him around. By 7:30 that evening she was bathed, made-up, dressed and ready. Johnny was on time. Mavis liked punctuality in a man. He was dressed in some nice casual clothes too, and she appreciated the effort he had made to look nice.

He looked around the flat. The cat was nowhere to be seen, and everywhere was so tidy it would be easy to believe that nobody lived there. Mavis looked pretty hot, he had to admit to himself. A nice dress, party make-up, and immaculate hair. When she suggested a drink before they went out, he agreed. He perched awkwardly on the plush sofa, afraid to crinkle the material. She brought him his drink.

“We could stay in if you want Johnny. I have everything we need here, and we can always go into town another time. There’s some food in, and plenty of drink of all kinds. What do you say?” She sat on the sofa next to him, her powerful perfume making his head spin. The gin and tonic was very strong, and he heard himself agreeing. She was making it all very obvious, but he wasn’t complaining. He liked that about older women; no messing about, they knew what you wanted, and they wanted it too.

It wasn’t long before they were kissing and cuddling. Mavis was eager, and Johnny was soon excited too. He hadn’t even finished that first drink before she was lying underneath him, purring like the absent cat. He wanted to seem experienced and mature, even though he was nothing of the sort, so he wrapped one arm around her and stroked her legs with the other. Reaching the hem of the dress, he hesitated. Mavis put her long fingers over his hand, and guided it further up. Johnny smiled, sure of what would happen next.

But what happened next was nothing at all like he had expected. His hand came to rest between her legs, and it was resting on something he had not anticipated at all. Something male, something aroused, and something very wrong. He jumped up as if he had been struck by lightning. Grabbing his jacket from the back of the sofa, he walked quickly out of the door. When he got to the street, he started running.

Mr Williamson came up to see her the next morning. “I don’t know what you said to young John, Mavis, but he’s gone. Didn’t come in today, and telephoned to say he wasn’t coming back. This job’s not for him, it seems”. Mavis raised her carefully-plucked eyebrows. “It’s probably just as well.” She told her boss. “He was a strange young man.”

22 thoughts on “Mavis and Johnny

  1. Surprise! Oh well, good old Mavis, eh? I might borrow one of your stories for my radio programme at some point if you don’t mind… They are the right length…


  2. Reminds me a bit of “The Crying Game,” which I watched in a movie theater back in 1992. At the time, that film was a shocker, much discussed, much debated. Your story is well written. Like your other readers, I didn’t see the end coming. I knew you’d come up with an interesting ending, though.


    1. I have seen The Crying Game, David, so get the reference of course. This story actually started as a tale of ‘Stalking’, with Mavis becoming obsessed with Johnny. When I realised it was going to be too long, I quickly changed Mavis’s sex, and the ending!
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Karen. I don’t write that much fiction, just occasional bursts. You can read the rest by clicking on the Fiction category, on the right hand side. Or just take pot luck with what pops up!
      Best wishes, Pete.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Pete, Bravo!…. as the other commenters have stated, “I didn’t see that coming…” Great intro to the story and you set us all up very well, indeed… I’m still giggling over the notion that poor young Johnny is still running down the streets with a slight redness to his cheeks..

    Take care, Laura


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