The first day of summer

Sunday the 7th of August felt like the first real day of summer here. A bright morning, followed by a glorious afternoon. Blue skies untroubled by clouds, save for some fluffy white ones floating high above on a gentle breeze. Gone was the grey, the humidity, and the oppressive temperatures of recent weeks. This was what a summer day should look like, and feel like too. No threat of rain, no ‘chance of showers later’ from the weatherman. Just a warm day, with hot sun out of the shade, and a blissful breeze by the riverbank.

This was the summer day of picnics, digging in the sand at the beach, queuing for ice creams from the van. On days like this, the sea looks blue, the grass even greener, and the shadows are short and sharp. On days like this, you want to sit in the garden with a beer, fire up the barbecue, or just rest on a park bench and watch the world go by. Bees buzz around, birds flap in the trees, and the ground feels hard and warm underfoot.

For Ollie, it was a day much like any other. He has no expectations, no disappointments. He is untroubled by rain, and unimpressed by sun. Just being out is enough for our faithful dog. He ran around as usual, took a dip in the river when he felt like it, and carried on just the same as if there had been a blizzard outside. He might pant a little harder, make river stops more frequently, but he is unaware of the seasons, it appears. To him, out is out, and that’s the end of it.

But for me, this is the sort of day you wait all year for. This is how summers felt in my youth, how children draw a day in summer in their books, and what a photo of a real summer should look like.

It might not last, but at least we had today.

29 thoughts on “The first day of summer

  1. Had a great day today. Very lazy!
    Late start, pottered about and then headed to Kensington Gardens for a picnic with the better half. I’m no sun worshiper but it sure is nice to top up the Vitamin D in a way nature intended.


  2. At last eh, Pete? Glad you enjoyed it. Summer is great material for short stories. We spent the day at Ellesmere in Shorpshire in North Shropshire’s Lake District. (It’s true! – lots of holes left from the Ice Age that have formed meres)….hope you enjoy more fine days…


      1. I beg to differ. The South West was very nice, too. At least, my bit of it was 🙂

        Glad you were able to enjoy a nice summer day at last 🙂 I was thinking only yesterday that, here, we’ve had the best summer in a long time. Rather less rain than in recent years. I mean, it’s August and it’s still not chucking it down!

        Seems it might get hot again for a few days next week. I had this come up on my feed today and immediately thought of you: Frankly, I’d prefer that it didn’t. I prefer the slightly cooler weather. But it might be to your taste?


        1. I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t rain, Ros. I have seen enough rain these last four years to last a lifetime. Glad to hear that you had a nice day too.
          Best wishes, Pete.


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