Significant Songs (123)

Joy And Pain

Sometime late in 1980, I heard a song on late night radio. As often used to happen, I was grabbed by the sound immediately, and set off to find out about the band performing it the next day. Luckily, I had heard the name Frankie Beverly, and my trusty record shop man was able to find me the album (vinyl) that it came from. The group was called ‘Maze’, and Frankie was the lead singer. I bought it, and soon became addicted to the soulful sounds and mellow vocals, as well as the funkier tracks.

More research led me to discover that there were two previous releases, and I ordered those soon after. Within weeks, I was listening to little else, and began an appreciation of the sound of Maze that lasted for more than ten years.

They started out as Raw Soul, and were soon noticed by Marvin Gaye. He suggested changing their name, and then took them on tour as a support group in the 1970s. After being signed to a record deal, they released two albums before I had even heard of them, one earning a gold disc in America. They went on to record eight albums, as well as hits compilations, and I bought them all. Their last Greatest Hits CD was released as recently as 2011, and they continue to tour to this day.

Here’s that song, perhaps for soul fans only.

13 thoughts on “Significant Songs (123)

      1. Yes, indeed so… I’ve always leaned toward Soul, and Jazz myself… Something about living in New Orleans just heightened my love for these two styles of music.. The Jazz Festivals were amazing too.. I dearly miss them.. and of course the wonderful seafood down South… Take care, Laura


    1. Me too, love all that stuff. Maze seemed to take that sound into the 80s and 90s. They could so easily have been the ‘modern’ Motown sound. Thanks for the re-blog, much appreciated!
      Best wishes, Pete.


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