Keswick: Arriving and exploring

All photos in this series are large files, and can be clicked on to enlarge for detail.

Keswick is an ancient market town in the north-west county of Cumbria, almost 300 miles from Beetley, and bordering Scotland. It is in the Lake District National Park, and nestles at one corner of the large lake called Derwent Water. Popular with walkers, hikers, climbers, and the boating fraternity, it has been a tourist destination for centuries, and the town still depends on tourism to this day.,_Cumbria

We arrived there on the 8th, and collected the keys for our rented apartment just after 3 pm. It was a nice surprise to find late afternoon sun, in an area known for cloud and rain. The main thing I noticed was that it was significantly colder though. Only half the temperature it had been when we left Norfolk at 10 am. Antony knows the area well, and the location of the apartment he had booked was just perfect. At one end of the busy town centre and High Street, tucked away in a close, with a dedicated parking spot. It was also a short walk to Derwent Water, so once we had unpacked, we set off to explore, just as the sun began to set. Checking out the restaurants, shops, and amenities as we strolled through the town, with Ollie attending to all the lamp-posts and other obstructions as he let the many other dogs know he was around. We were soon at the edge of the lake, with the town just behind us.
As you can see, boat hire is popular. You can rent rowing boats, canoes, and kayaks, or if you prefer, take one of the water taxis or pleasure boats to different spots around the area. Just behind where I was standing to take this photo is the attractive Lakeside Theatre and restaurant, and the promenade area popular with less energetic walkers and some dog-owners.

The light changes constantly here, and moments later, the sun broke through once again, casting some deep shadows as it illuminated the surrounding hills.

Tired after a long day travelling, we retired to the outside terrace of the restaurant with Ollie, and enjoyed a glass of wine in the chilly evening. On the way back to the accommodation, we bought food to eat for dinner, and all the basics we would need to take packed lunches. Then it was an early night, ready for a full day out on Sunday.

58 thoughts on “Keswick: Arriving and exploring

  1. Reblogged this on beetleypete and commented:

    The first two photos I took after arriving in the Lake District in 2016. Reblogged for new followers, and anyone who hasn’t seen them before. Please enlarge them on the original post for the best effect.


    1. Thanks, Mary. It is a lovely part of England, especially on a nice day. The water is mostly clear, though some areas have red oxide staining. There is virtually no pollution, and a lot of rain means that the lakes are constantly refreshed.
      There are a few more posts in this series, if you are interested.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Currently in Windermere, traveling around, very beautiful and just a week after your visit, one of life’s strange coincidences!


        1. There is very little pollution in the area, and the water comes straight down the rocks from the hills and mountains. The water is very clear, and suitable to drink too. You will see a small waterfall in forthcoming posts.
          Regards, Pete.

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  3. Gorgeous pictures. I did a locum of several months in Kendal years back and I had a chance to explore (in the summer too!) the area. Keswick was one of my favourite places. πŸ™‚


    1. Nice to hear that you know the area well, Olga. I could happily live in Keswick, as long as I didn’t have to climb the hills every day, or travel around in the snow!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. I think your photo’s are great Pete, really well done. You know I’ve spent a couple of years driving back and forth through this area so am really looking forward to seeing it again.


  5. I’m very glad to see it started so well for you, Pete. Your narrative is lovely and I find your images very, very good!
    We had all kinds of weather during our two weeks in September a few years ago, but lots of warm and sunny days.
    This summer we talked to a couple from the Lakes visiting Cley. The spent their summer holiday here on the North Norfolk coast because of the climate, the dry weather and the mild temperature. After five years living there, they had enough of rain and cold days.
    I wonder if the three of you bumped into Herdwick sheeps? I think they are the cutest sheep on earth. Well, I’ll continue to read and find out. πŸ™‚ Loved this post, Pete.
    Dina x


    1. Dina, we bumped into lots of different sheep, they were everywhere! Fortunately, they were not bothered by Ollie, and he left them alone so he could stay by me. I have one sheep photo, coming later! X

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  6. Dear Pete,
    I agree with vinnieh! He is absolutely right! We really like your pictures.
    We were lucky as well having had fine weather in the late autumn there. Primarily we went there to visit the birthplace of the famous colour pencils (as Derwent Cumberland sponsored our Master’s two big books about colour). But then we loved the Lake District so much that we stayed two more weeks for hiking and visiting all those places connected with the romantic poets.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.
    With lots of love xxxx
    The Fab Four of Cley


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