Muckleburgh Part One: Tanks


In the first of a three-part series of photos that I took at the Muckleburgh Military Collection, this post will deal with the Tanks on display there.

At the suggestion of helpful fellow bloggers, and with some detailed telephone coaching from my good friend Antony, I have managed to significantly reduce the size of these files. However, they can still be clicked on, and enlarged for detail.

An American Abrams tank, widely used in ‘Desert Storm’.

British heavy tanks, post-war.

A US M47 Patton tank, in Arabic markings from desert warfare.

A British Comet tank, used at the end of WW2.

A Sherman tank in US markings.

Front machine-gun detail from the above tank.

A Russian T-34 from WW2.

A Russian heavy tank with Swiss markings.

A British Scorpion light tank.

An American M-24 Chaffee tank. Used at the end of WW2, and in Korea. (Sherman behind)

I hope that all fans of armoured vehicles enjoyed this post. The next time, look out for armoured cars and artillery.

28 thoughts on “Muckleburgh Part One: Tanks

  1. These pictures are massive in history. It’s difficult to imagine the soldiers seated inside of this structure of metal, braving the battles fought… Why oh why is peace so hard to come by…I ponder…

    Take care, Laura


  2. Thanks for insight views, Pete. Now I’m absolutely sure it was the right the decision never to pay this place a visit. 😉 Just joking, I didn’t now how much they have to offer. 🙂 On special days I believe you can go for a ride in a tank. No special rates though, more like a rip off …


    1. You can arrange to actually drive a tank, Dina. But it costs £100 a time!
      On special days they do have vehicles and tanks located outside. Better for photography, for sure.
      Best wishes, Pete.


        1. Despite the photo opportunities, I wasn’t that impressed. On ‘special days’, they have the vehicles outside. That would have been preferable. Entry is £11 per person, a fair bit for something you can see in just over an hour.
          Cheers, Pete.

          Liked by 1 person

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