A cold day with the camera


After yesterday’s frosty walk, I was again rewarded with bright sunshine today, so resolved to take my camera along on the walk with Ollie, and to venture a little further once again. I got the changing trees above, then carried on to find more.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

First of all, the frosty grass that I missed taking yesterday. This was at 3 pm.

I then came across a tree that was clinging onto its green leaves.

Sitting for a while in the peace and quiet, I could hear a sound all around me. It took a while until I could identify it. A sound like a woman crossing and uncrossing her legs repeatedly, the swish of nylon against nylon. But there was no leggy lady nearby, and I eventually realised that this sound was being made by falling leaves, brushing against others as they made their gentle descent from the uppermost branches.

I carried on in the direction of the disused railway, spotting this mighty ancient oak preparing to shed tons of leaves anytime now.

I have used a similar photo previously, but this time I captured the scene in late Autumn, the trees lining the tracks with various shades of colour.

Ollie often refuses to stand still for photos, but this time I managed to get him as he set off on the path beside the railway. He has his dark winter fur now.

A rewarding walk, despite the cold. Almost two hours in bright sunshine, just before the sun started to set.

52 thoughts on “A cold day with the camera

  1. Pete, wonderful Fall pictures you’ve shared with us. If you really want to freak yourself out, go outside in the dark and listen to the sounds of Fall. It is almost magical because you depend on your memory, and your senses of your surroundings in the daylight… Take care, Laura


  2. Beautiful photos of your walking area, Pete. This is winter at its best, cold and dry with sunshine. We got back to Cley yesterday and the scenery was frosty from Harwich to the coast, such a nice treat! 🙂
    Ollie looks really great with his slightly darker fur. Hope you are doing fine.
    Love to you all from us,
    Dina xo


  3. Pete, I read Travel Writer Paul Theroux’s “The Kingdom By The Sea” – his 1982 trip by foot, bus and train around all of England. He mentioned then that so many small rural train lines were in danger of disappearing…I assume that most of what he wrote about are now gone…great pics by the way!


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