The blogging gift that keeps on giving

Not long ago, I wrote a post about the fact that people are reading a particular one of my posts every day. Except for one day that it escaped their attention, ‘Whatever happened to?: Jamiroquai’ is keeping its lead as the daily front runner on my blog for the last two months. It has even managed to beat ‘The Driest County In England’, and ‘Dereham: A Norfolk Town’ into second and third place, respectively.

Since it was published on the 4th of September, this niche music post has been read an impressive (by my standards) 164 times, including three times today. Although many posts are read between 50 and 80 times within days of being put up on the blog, it is usual for them to drop off the viewing radar very quickly. Not so with this one, as the daily views keep trickling in, rarely less that two a day, sometimes three.

Given that I have already written about this veritable blogging phenomenon, you might expect that I have since been contacted by fans of the band, even band members themselves, to tell me why they keep reading it. That has not been the case, sadly. The silence on the subject has been deafening. But I am not in the least ungrateful, far from it. I welcome as many interested parties who want to read about that band as would like to come to this blog and read my post. I never expected such a post, on a humble blog like this one, to ever generate so much interest.

Perhaps if they (and I) had also been that interested in the later career of Jamiroquai, the group wouldn’t have fallen from grace? Just a thought.

35 thoughts on “The blogging gift that keeps on giving

  1. I love the title to this post.. Sometimes, a mystery is pure and not meant to be solved. Drink in the excitement it brings.. Great post.. Take care, Laura… Time for a bagel brb.. I’ve missed quite a few of your posts, I’ll raise your stats today for sure… πŸ™‚


  2. Blogging and what might catch people’s fancy are mysteries to me. People keep discovering my old blog every so often, but never sure how, as I don’t really share it now.


  3. How on earth do you know that people visit a page you posted ages ago? I can’t find a ‘most read blog’ but then again maybe no-one has visited old blogs haha. Anyways well done on engaging the Jamiroquay fan club for so long! πŸ™‚


    1. If you click on the bar graph that shows your daily stats, that takes you to the screen that includes ‘Top posts and pages’. Next to each post listed is a small magnifying glass icon. Click that, and it gives you detailed stats for that post alone.
      It throws up some very interesting figures, as it also shows on the posts that have hardly ever been read.
      I only really do it when a post shows ‘blips’, like this one has.
      Cheers, Pete.

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  4. There are always posts that people keep on reading. Mine is about my lenses. I don’t know what is so special about it because it regularly appears on my “most read blog”.


  5. Heehee. I have a couple of those. “Door man to the Tsar” gets read virtually every day as does “The Jewish Fascist”. An interesting phenomenon indeed. Regards as always.


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