New Year: Blogging thoughts

I suspect that many people will be thinking of starting a blog as a new year project. There may also be many who might be considering giving up on blogging too. In the summer of this year, I will have been blogging for five years. My blog is just an average thing, something I do for my own pleasure and amusement. It does not attract daily views of 1,000+, and cannot boast a following approaching 500,000, like so many of the busy blogs out there. However, it is enough for me, and I have some thoughts and tips for anyone embarking on a blog in 2017.

Don’t blog just to make money. It rarely happens.

Don’t be attracted by SEO bloggers, or Spam bloggers promising to increase traffic on your site.

Write about things you are interested in, not what you think others will like.

Keep it personal, and only add photos and images that are relevant.

Don’t preach or lecture. Keep your religion to yourself, and if you have outspoken themes, make sure that you advertise them clearly.

If you just want to sell things, invest in a website, and don’t bombard other bloggers with requests to buy your books, your paintings, your blogging tips, or anything else you want to make money from.

Don’t copy the styles and format of other more successful bloggers. Nobody will be fooled.

Try to add some original content from your own thoughts and ideas, instead of just constantly re-blogging someone else’s.

Keep amusing gifs to a minimum. The world can only tolerate so many cute cats or babies.

Interact with your followers, and the blogs you follow. Leave comments as well as likes, and if you don’t agree, don’t be afraid to say so. Blogging is about debate and communication.

Don’t just click a ‘like’ on every post. Try harder.

Be an active part of your blogging community. Don’t just sit back and expect them all to come to you.

Be polite. Thank followers, and show respect to comments, even if you disagree. it costs you nothing to do so.

Above all, enjoy it. If you see it as a chore, and it all seems like too much effort, then maybe you shouldn’t be blogging in the first place.

Keep developing, carry on writing and posting, and the blog will reward your effort with satisfaction and fulfillment. It’s as simple as that.

71 thoughts on “New Year: Blogging thoughts

  1. I was just going to like this one and move on but then I remember the advice contained within so decided it would be just too ironic if I didn’t make a comment on this post so……..Hmmm. ……………………………………so…………..uh………….how’s it going? 🙂


  2. Loved this post, it had some great advice even for the not-so-new blogger! I started back in June/July and I still found value here. Thanks for compiling these points! 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on The Entertainment Patrol (and general musings) and commented:
    I really think these words are of great value for anyone starting off blogging. I myself have only a small number of readers but I am happy any time I can connect with them. I’d personally have a small but interested blog follower group than just ones who like everything without reading. It’s not that I mind the likes, it’s just not my reason for blogging if that makes sense. But anyway, definitely read through this post. It’s immense!


  4. Wonderful post with great advice. My blog is random, never follows a specific time pattern, and is only added to when the spirit hits me–but it is “my” space and makes me totally happy, even if not very many people read it. 🙂 I’m glad I stumbled upon yours.


  5. I tried to comment on your earlier post about problems with Yahoo. It was not taken. So, while I agree with your comments on blogging today, this is more of a test to see if I can post on your comments.
    Warmest regards, Thelo


  6. Pete, Hello and I hope your New Year was a great one.. Good advice here within this helpful post. I needed a little breather from blogging and focused more of my non shoveling time, on YouTube trying to grow my little channel. You’re half right in saying don’t just like, but take a moment to comment here.. I’ve done that all along my journey here.. But, sadly only you and David appear to care… The YouTube community is similar, but if you put in the time and actually comment like you and David do here, they read and comment back. Aw… There’s the big difference for me anyway.. It’s like a drug .. folks are actually laughing at my content and saying so.. My purpose for this new way of interacting within this technology has blossomed and I’ve found my inner smile once again.

    I suppose the biggest joy for any blogger is as you said not just the money or numbers, rather it’s the friendship and connection we make with each other. We probably will never in a million years meet eye to eye, but I feel I can truly call you my friend. You’ve seen me in a bigger light than merely eye to eye where there are so many distractions.

    So, my friend I say to you Happy New Year.. 2017 is going to be fabulous and I look forward to each and every one of your posts… Take care, Laura 🙂


    1. Thanks, Laura. I will have to catch up on your You Tube channel. Although I subscribe, I never get notifications of new videos! You know that you can always count on me as a friend, and I look forward to all of your posts in 2017, as well as more of Scott’s excellent graphic art.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.

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      1. Pete, please only if your bored and actually have spare time for viewing YouTube. I know how busy you are with the blog and I also know it takes a great deal of time to visit your friends and comment. So, don’t feel you have to do the YouTube thing of mine.. Jon’s been working on a new series and will be released soon.. He puts so much time and detail into each of his drawings, it amazes me every day. I put 12 hours into the train for my short story and thought that was a lot, but he will put days into his.. or longer.. I did love doing that and am right now trying to figure out a new direction for my blog with my own art done with the pen tablet.. My problem is I just want to talk on here.. as you can read from this long comment again..

        So, only if you have time my dear friend,,, don’t make it an obligation .. not needed.. Your friendship here is priceless.. hugs from me to you across the pond…


          1. Pete, that’s alright… Jon’s a cool dude, and smiled at the comments.. not a problem in the least… I did manage to teach him never to worry about the little things.. Plus his father’s nick name was Scotty… So, Cool… 🙂


    2. Laura, I’m very happy to follow your blog. I’m also thrilled that you read “Pope on the Dole,” enjoyed it, and posted a 5-star review of it on I do hope you get more followers, and that they leave comments for you.

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      1. David, you’re most welcome my new friend and follower. I suppose my blog is too much of a distraction for most folks as I don’t just stick to one topic. I find I would be strangled by just picking one thing and would never be happy blogging. So, as I’ve said before the sea of many often doesn’t see my little spot of the blogging world. But, that’s alright … most times… Sometimes, it is truly uplifting to have folks read my often times long winded posts.. I’ve tried to trim that down, like my son offered his thoughts on this matter. People don’t want to read very much, unless they’ve developed a sort of blogging relationship with the group. I started out with one thought in mind and that was to keep me from going crazy over the long winters here. This soon developed into looking at the dreaded stats page, (Which I now stay away from) and the numbers were so poor.. I have a few who do however, stop by and click the like button for which I’m thankful..

        The draw toward YouTube has been enticing to say the least, they are commenting right and left over there .. Mostly, a wonderful group of UK Gardeners who have welcomed me into their lovely group of friends, giving me Shout outs right and left.. before this I didn’t even know what a shout out was.. old dog here… 🙂

        The riddles appeared to be also popular here on this blog, so that is a avenue with my pictures I use trying to offer a grin or two, perhaps even a giggle here and there… Thank you for your interest and your continued support.. You and Pete are my shinning stars in this sea of many bloggers… Take care, Laura

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      1. You sure have been!! And it seems to come in spurts. I go a long period with logical normal people reading occasionally or following and then BLAM!! – I get people who don’t even know what WWII is, but will I please follow them, etc

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  7. Well said, Pete, good advice for new bloggers. The crux of blogging is the community spirit and interacting with each other….and the icing on the cake is when you actually meet a fellow blogger or three!


  8. Totally agree with you Pete. Those are lovely pointers from a seasoned blogger. I don’t look much at stats too and followers because just like you I blog because I want to write about things. But of course they are a welcome bonus in blogging. It makes me happy when my blogging friends leave comments and we are able to interact.


  9. Great post, Pete. I catch myself worrying too much about the “numbers” – when in fact, I post things of interest to me…you know them all of course. I enjoy that you post about a wide variety of topics as well as fiction – it’s a great creative release and I agree it helps to get positive support from the community – and it keeps the conversations lively!


  10. All wise suggestions and good advise that I will most likely adhere to for all of the next week or so, as I am the worst reply back to a commentator who ever posted a post with just one too many animated GIF.



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