My blogging break

It has now been a week since I decided to take a break from blogging. To be more accurate, a break from posting anything myself. During that time, I have been very gratified to see my views and comments continue as normal, helped by some very nice ‘guest posts’, and the friendly bloggers that I value so much.

In truth, not much has changed for me. Despite keeping up with the blogs that I follow, and publishing those guest posts, I have had little or no inspiration to post anything whatsoever. New followers have continued to arrive, unperturbed by my most recent post. My small community of first-class bloggers has continued to comment, write their own posts, and carry on as normal. I am grateful for that, I can assure you.

If the bright but cold weather continues, I may well decide to take my camera out on the afternoon walks. I might hopefully publish some photos, or be otherwise inspired. At the moment, I have no idea what will happen.

So once again, thanks to everyone. You are part of a really great community, and very much appreciated.

My best wishes to you all, Pete.

45 thoughts on “My blogging break

  1. I am sorry to hear about your drought. I hope your creative mind starts writing again soon. As for the library, older people have so much to share with all generations. It is sad, wrong and short sighted to judge all older people because of the actions of a minority. Keep your head up, a song in your heart and a smile on your face! Cheers from Portland, Oregon this Sunday morning.😊

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    1. That was a few months ago. Lori. I am pleased to report that it all came back shortly after, and I have been posting regularly since.
      Regarding that Library volunteering, I think it is their loss.
      I hope you are not getting too much more rain in Portland.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Oops! I did not check the date on the post. I am glad that you are back with us. It is quite a community, don’t you think? Rain has abated for a while. Saturday was perfect. Somewhat sunny and cool.

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  2. Perhaps it’s time for a hobby or new interest in your life. Have you thought about checking out your local library – a simple idea that never crossed your mind will spark as you peruse the aisles?

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    1. I went to the library last year, and looked at some volunteering opportunities. I offered to become a ‘Reading Helper’, for youngsters struggling to learn to read. However, they considered that I was too old for the job! (I think it has more to do with worrying about the possible connection of older men being around younger people myself) The official line was that they ‘would relate better to someone not much older than themselves’. It says a lot about the society we live in, that their main concern would be that I might have hidden motives.
      Because of my vertigo, it is not appropriate for me to drive people to hospital appointments, and I can no longer continue at the windmill, for the same reason. My options are diminishing somewhat now, but I have no doubt that my blogging drought will end soon, GP.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Are you kidding me? Too old to help children learn to read? Here’s an idea, and something that is VERY popular in America- read to a dog at the library. Children sign-up like crazy. Who wouldn’t want to sit in the children’s room alongside your adorable dog and practice reading at the library? You could be there, too.

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        1. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in out local library, Jennie.
          I don’t want to sound too negative about the library, as it is an excellent resource, and well-used. Regrettably, this entire country is consumed with fear of pedophiles at the moment, and trying to avoid any possible connection that can be misconstrued, however ridiculous that seems to us ‘sane’ people!
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Pete, I’m a fan of your “I’m not blogging” blogs – they keep us to to date on what’s going on in your head, and when the inspiration comes to share again, then we are all assured that “share you will!”

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