Five today!

This photo is a couple of years old. But he hasn’t changed much since, and it is one of my favourites.

Ollie was born on the 12th of February, 2012. Not long after that, I moved here for good from London, and we took him in full time. I have spent every day with him since, and established an unbreakable bond with our dog. He has always been a joy to have; well-behaved, good company, and popular with guests and neighbours too. He has never chewed anything he wasn’t supposed to, never stolen any food he wasn’t allowed to eat, and the only time he has had any ‘accidents’ inside the house has been when he was ill.

He has endured four eye operations, two tail operations, and endless bouts of treatment for ear infections and skin problems. He has been in an animal hospital, and made numerous trips to the Vet. But he never once complained. He didn’t snap, whine, or refuse to get out of the car. He trusts us completely, and even if he is left with friends or neighbours for a few hours he is no trouble, as he is confident that we will soon return.

Of course, he has also been the star of this blog, and more popular than the blog writer, certainly. His antics are always received with delight, and much joy is expressed at any photos of him as they appear. He is the heart and soul of beetleypete, without doubt.

As he is now thirty-five in equivalent human years, I tried to tell him that he should be acting a little more grown up. Perhaps he should be doing less sniffing around, and not bothering to run around the house with a stuffed lion clamped in his jaws. But he is having none of that, and is determined to carry on being the same old Ollie, even at the grand age of five.

He will get some extra treats today, and no doubt more fuss too. There will be some birthday presents of even more stuffed toys, and something very tasty to supplement his dinner tonight. He even got a birthday card, with a photo of two Shar-Pei dogs on it!
In every way imaginable, he is a ‘Good Boy’, and the best dog I have ever had.

Happy Birthday, Ollie.

66 thoughts on “Five today!

  1. He is a star in all our eyes, due to his very clever human intermediary. I am touched by his innocence, and incorruptible good nature, in a vile world. How strange we humans are – our doting celebration of other animals suggests we know what a comparatively unpleasant, muddled species we are, and that we are committed to doing nothing about it. We can assuage guilt with anthropomorphism and animal avatars and, above and beyond that, genuinely love and care for the creatures themselves.
    Ollie reconciles all human differences. You have nurtured Ollie the peacemaker! Worth all the vets’ bills and soggy walks. Best wishes to all three of you.


  2. He could star in his own 70s-inspired sitcom, “Ollie in the Family.” No doubt he is the main draw at Beetleypete. Now if you can get him to wear multi-colored socks and wear a Jamiroquai t-shirt, your blog will go viral.


  3. Happy Birthday Ollie! Enjoy your toys! My grandma slid down the bannisters of a grand hotel when she was in her forties, so plenty of time yet to have some fun!


  4. Happy Birthday, Ollie !!! From the frozen north .. May you always have that sparkle in your eyes and an endless supply of tail wags and continue to wiggle and scamper around the house with your stuffed lion.. I can almost see the three of you this evening, what a grand party this will be.. Take care, and here’s a hug and a belly rub for you, Ollie…

    Laura πŸ™‚


  5. Aw that is an adorable face. So sorry he’s had so many medical problems, what an embuggerance for him and you, but he sounds like a stalwart topper about it all. Happy Birthday Ollie, and many more to come.


    1. Thanks, Lloyd. I have had a few dogs before, but never one like Ollie. At times, I wish I could turn back the clock and have those first five years with him all over again. Minus all his medical problems though.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. That was touching, my sister recently went in for an operation she was all bouncy today but the first day or two is hard for my parents and for her. It’s tiring, the surgery is painful and its disorientating for her to be away from home. The fact that Ollie is so well behaved having to go through so much as young dog is really a testament to him and your family. Good boy Ollie.

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          1. That is most kind Pete but I can assure she’s pretty upbeat today. Probably a little sore but very happy and energetic. Thank you. Best wishes to you and your’s too especially Ollie on his birthday.


  6. Happy Birthday, Ollie and many, many more!! True you are the star around here, but Pete’s a good guy and I’m glad to hear you’re such a well-behaved boy. Stay well and don’t be shy around the camera in future – you are adorable!!

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