Beautiful Homage to Couriers of Shanghai

Check out these amazing photos of industrious and inventive Chinese people. DHL will never seem the same again.


French artist Alain Delorme produced a series entitled Totems in homage to Shanghaiโ€˜s carriers. The artist desires through his montages to unveil certain contrasts of Chinese society

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30 thoughts on “Beautiful Homage to Couriers of Shanghai

  1. Wow. This man deserves an homage, I cannot believe someone so slightly built can manage that load. My second thought: I actually need a small bookcase, like the one second from the right on the bottom tier. Does anyone have this guy’s phone number?

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  2. I’m reading an amazing book on China at the moment (the Kingdom of Women, review will follow in due course). Thanks for sharing this awesome finding. Ingenuity at its best (I can hardly pack a suitcase!) Thanks, Pete!

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  3. I shared this on Facebook and Twitter. The photos are amazing! How in the world can all that weight be moved by simply pedaling? I agree with others here that it would be interesting to see a video where they load and unload the cargo.

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    1. I saw some impressive heavily-laden bicycles when I visited Beijing, but nothing up to these standards. I doubt your Ridgeline could take such loads!
      Best wishes, Pete.


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