A-Z Film Challenge

As anyone who reads this blog will already know, I don’t participate in any challenges, or those ubiquitous ‘awards’. Despite being asked many times over the years, I do not pass on any ‘chain-style’ blogging posts, or make that claim on other bloggers in my community. I have always preferred to leave it to the individual to decide how they prefer to blog, with no criticism of any other bloggers intended, or inferred.

But I was always a little concerned that I would be considered to be a ‘cowardy custard’ of the blogging world. So thinking about this today, I have decided to complete one of those widely-seen A-Z challenges. I have made up my own one, and will ask no other bloggers to participate. I cannot guarantee that each post will fall on the appropriate day. After all, life goes on. But at some stage during the month of May, I will list 26 films worthy of consideration, in alphabetical order, starting with A. Without asking for your permission, I will discount prefixes such a ‘The’, and ‘A’. The film title will have the appropriate main letter of the alphabet prominently displayed though.

I had the rather unrealistic notion to make this just one post. I would type up a list of 26 films in alphabetical order, and leave my readers to deal with the result. Fortunately, I saw sense, so will post once a day on this theme.

No doubt the forthcoming list will feature many films that I have previously highlighted on this blog. For that, I make no apology. You may not agree with my choices. That is your prerogative, and any suggestions in the comments will be most welcome. I am putting my toe in the water of such challenges, so please bear with me.

For those of you who have no interest in films or cinema, consider it to be ‘Time Off’

25 thoughts on “A-Z Film Challenge

  1. I had to ‘re follow you so my apologies..it would appear that it wasn’t responding to the ‘click’ of the button when I refresh it went back to Bing unsubscribed but here I am hopefully it is ok now. Though I am late (backtracking posts you see), I must say, it’s a nice idea for a post.☺


  2. Antz.
    “I feel…isolated. Different. I’ve got abandonment issues. My father flew away when I was just a larva. My mother didn’t have much time for me… When you have five million siblings, it’s difficult to get attention.”

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