A winter walk in June

When weather forecasters predict bad weather, they usually get it right. Today was no exception.
The TV weather girl said that we could expect ‘heavy and squally showers, with strong winds’ in this area. By midday, it was pouring down, and the temperature some 7 degrees C lower than yesterday too.

I couldn’t put off taking Ollie out for too long, and by 1:30 it was raining even harder. I had to get out my best waterproof coat and trousers, and also put on the heavy boots once again. As I left the house with Ollie, my hood was blown off my head, and had to be secured by pulling the toggles uncomfortably tight. I had decided to leave the umbrella at home, rather than struggle with it in a wind that was bending trees, and breaking off small branches.

Ollie was oblivious of course. Watching him run around Beetley Meadows, you might well have thought it was a balmy summer afternoon. He ignored the freezing rain, which sometimes contained sleet, and trotted around happily, despite his fur being soaked through.

Even with my best waterproofs, the rain was soon getting in, and my T-shirt was wet and uncomfortable. I was cursing myself for forgetting to wear my waterproof gloves, as my hands were freezing cold too.
I had to struggle around with my hands in the damp pockets of my coat, anything to get them out of the chill wind. After just under two hours of this miserable walk, I called it a day, and headed for home. After getting out of the damp clothes, pleased to be back inside, I checked the calendar.

Sure enough, it was the 6th of June, not the end of November. Not far off of midsummer’s day, I considered, with an ironic smile. But I stayed positive of course. The farmers need this rain.


52 thoughts on “A winter walk in June

      1. Over in Australia following some droughts we’ve taken to saying “Good for the farmers.” whenever it rains. I’ve been growing geraniums in my garden the past year or so and watching their progress with much interest so I’ve taken to saying that whenever it rains. I’m sure after being cold and wet my random comment just made your day 🙂

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  1. You’re brave, Pete. Although I’m wondering about getting some waterproof trousers too. I have another stint of house and petsitting in Wales booked for September, two weeks at least, and I’m not too hopeful on the weather front. Although one never knows! I hope Ollie enjoyed himself!

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  2. Hey its the summer time, embrace the variations in the weather (I’m struggling). There’s nothing like crap weather to ruin ones week off work.

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  3. Here in Montana, it will be 90 tomorrow and a high of 60 on Thursday. Calling for snow above 7000 ft. It has been up and down like this all spring so far. You guys try to stay indoors where it is dry.

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  4. I feel your pain, so to speak. 50’s for the past few days here – terrible for June. By Monday we’ll be in the 90’s. Crazy. Best to you, Pete. Stay dry and warm.

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  5. Well, you’re a hardy creature, Pete… I cancelled going up to my photo club in London against my wishes, but it was the right call as trains were cancelled and it was so windy I might have had a fall….. Not happy, as I missed competition evening

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  6. I’m glad I don’t have a dog to walk. It’s 105 F / 40.5 C here in Southern Nevada today. It’s bad enough to have to occasionally go outside, but I don’t even have A/C in the house! Please send some freezing cold weather my way…

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  7. Blowing a hooley here too! And rain in the conservatory – again!! The weather even managed to stop play in Paris so I was bored enough to re-arrange the bookshelves.

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  8. freezing in June is no fun at all, Pete! Chicago is the same. not as cold as your part of the world but it sure was chilly yesterday afternoon after high 80F over the weekend. at least we didn’t have the rain. 🙂

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  9. I am sympathetic to your weather plights as we often suffer similarly on this side of the world. But we have been experiencing warm sunny days for quite sometime now, broken only occasionally by overcast and light showers, nothing quite so serious as what you are going through. At least Ollie enjoyed it. Hopefully sunshine is just around the corner for you. 🙂

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  10. I congratulate you for making it 2 hours! After a semi-drought here for quite a while, we’ve had rain and wind for hours and it’s expected to last through Friday. I went out in it, but only about 1/2 hour and glad to get home! Reading this post sounded as though anyone right here in south Florida wrote it!! I feel sorry for anyone who dared to take their vacation this week and paid for a hotel room – they sure won’t go home with a tan!!

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