My thanks to Greece

Over the last few days, my views have been satisfyingly high. Checking the stats, I have discovered that someone in Greece is viewing an inordinate amount of my posts. They appear to be working thorough them in top-down order, and doing a great job of it too.

So, I have to say “Thank You” to that person. Whether you are Greek by nationality, or just visiting that country, you know who you are. Perhaps you just live there, or are holidaying in that popular summer destination? Whatever the reason, I appreciate you dissecting my blog, and reading so many posts.

Please tell your friends!

Best wishes to you, from Norfolk. Pete.

36 thoughts on “My thanks to Greece

  1. Now I’ll have to go and check, Pete. I do get book sales (well, downloads, as they are mostly my free books) in interesting places sometimes but I don’t remember to check who is viewing the posts…

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    1. At least it is easy to do that, on the current WP stats page. It can be very interesting at times too. I always notice that 50% of my readers are in the USA, and that is consistent. Obviously, writing in English helps with that!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. It’s only me Pete, an Aussie in Greece.
    Inspired by Susan of Islandeditions’ revisiting of your A-Z Film Challenge, I’ve been finishing her list and rereading all the amusing and informative things there. Plus I’ve checked out some other things on your blog.
    I always find the country list of interest, and wonder who is looking at what and why. Most of my viewers are in Australia, or elsewhere in the Anglosphere, but there are lots of outliers, like the person from Benin who stopped by one day. But Greece is full of expats who still think of Britain or Ireland or Canada etc, so it’s quite possible they will stop by your site, as well as international Greeks like Marina whose interests extend elsewhere.
    So cheers from a steamy Athens – “looking forward” to 40+ temperatures next weekend.

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    1. Thanks for letting me know, and solving the mystery, Peter.
      You have certainly boosted my viewing figures recently! I think that 40+ degrees is too much, but as we have just had almost 24 hours of non-stop torrential rain, (still raining) I wouldn’t say not to a return to last week’s dry weather here.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Pete, I’m so glad you mentioned the nationality stats. My blog has very few readers, and I never bothered to look – – it turns out, they’re all from Kraplakistan. Apparently, I’m the only blogger who bothered to review their recent film festival, which was entirely focused on goat-herding documentaries. So here’s a big thank you & shout out to Zorglub and all the rest of the gang from Kraplakistan, whenever their electrical grid is back up.

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