Ollie and the dentist

Ollie has lived for well over five years without any dental problems. His teeth have always been in excellent condition, even the Vet said so.

On Tuesday, he suddenly stopped eating his dinner, and sat down. He looked at me plaintively, so I checked his mouth, to see if something was stuck in his teeth. I was alarmed to discover that one of his top molars was loose. On further investigation, I could see that the large tooth was actually split in two, with the outer section easily moved by my finger. He wasn’t complaining though, and finished his dinner soon after.

The next day, I phoned the Vet. They made an appointment for Thursday, to check the tooth. Sure enough, it had broken in half, just held on by being secure in Ollie’s gums. The best guess was that he had chewed too hard on his plastic bone, ironically intended to promote dental heath. The Vet advised tooth removal, and booked Ollie in for an extraction on Friday morning. I took him in at 08:30, and he reluctantly walked off with the nurse, oblivious to what awaited, but undoubtedly suspicious.

I phoned at 1 pm, and was told it was all over, and he was doing well. I could collect him before 4.
When I arrived, he was dopey, and fed up. Not interested in pats or cuddles, he marched off to the car, eager to get in, and get home. Along with the enormous bill, (£300) the Vet gave me the tooth. It was a huge double molar, otherwise very healthy, save for the large split.

Ollie was not his old self at all. He took to his bed, and looked sideways at me, no doubt upset at his treatment, and being abandoned. Despite pain relief, he cried intermittently, and refused to wag his curly tail. I gave him his favourite meal, chicken and pasta, but he took almost two hours to eat any of it. He is now sitting grumpily beside me, in a half-doze. In ten days time, he has to go back for a check-up.

He’s not going to like that.

62 thoughts on “Ollie and the dentist

  1. Aww poor Ollie. I had to have a tooth removed about six months ago as one of the annoying side effects of having been pregnant. It was really unpleasant so I can imagine Ollie is feeling as rubbish as I did. Lucky for me though I didn’t have to pay because dental treatment is free for pregnant women and new mums. I hope he is back to his usual self soon.

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    1. Thanks, Abbi. It really upset him, but he soon recovered, and is eating normally again. Lots of spoiling, and a new stuffed pheasant toy helped of course.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. He is on the mend. Ate all his dinner last night, and wagging that tail again.
      He is insured, but it takes ages to get the money back. Then they retain a percentage, because of the frequent claims. Owning an unusual breed of dog is something of a money pit!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I certainly hope he is back to his mischievous self soon. The anesthetic probably made him grumpy, too. Who likes having their mouth invaded and their energy sapped? No more bones for the boy, I am afraid.

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    1. It makes you realise how knowing what has happened makes all the difference. We know we have had dental work, and that the pain will pass. Ollie just feels the pain, and the fact that I left him all day.
      He’s pleased to be home, so that’s something.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Oh, poor Ollie. What a horrible thing to endure. I’ve always been wary of some of the plastic ‘toys’ for dogs, even if they’re supposed to promote dental health or whatever. Sometimes they’re just too hard. Having said that, Pisch lets nothing get in the way of his chewing. He’s destroyed many a seemingly indestructible item without any damage to his teeth. Big strokes from this way come. x

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  4. Just don’t get the lawnmower out! 😂 seriously though I’m glad he’s getting better, but what a nightmare. Having to have a tooth pulled when it’s gone bad is fair enough but having a healthy one out is a bummer.

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    1. We were worried what might have happened if it had broken off completely late one night, or over a weekend, when it’s harder to get to the Vet. Better to get the job done now, despite the upset.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. The poor little thing is like a two-year-old child and does not fully understand what is happening to him and thankfully this sort of happening is rare because if it were repeated on a regular basis it might tend to lead to a certain amount of reservations about humankind. The good thing is that sweet little animals have a high recovery rate and tend to be forgiving. The memory of this experience will fade for Ollie and he will be his old playful self in virtually no time at all.

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  6. Oh, poor dear Ollie! 🐾💕🐾 No, he’s not going to like that, but he’ll feel better already tomorrow. I think he was brave and doing extremely well.
    Please tell him not to be so hard on his chewing bones.
    Lots of gentle strokes and hugs and get well soon wishes for Ollie!🐾

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