Missing a day

Because I was travelling back from London on Monday, my week has gone all topsy-turvy. It is a sure sign of getting old, when missing a day can put out your whole week. I forgot that today was Thursday, so didn’t put out the rubbish bin for collection. Then I realised that tomorrow is Friday already, and wondered where the week had gone.

Not that long ago, I would never have been so confused by the loss of one day. I would have slipped back into the routine of life, well-aware of what I had been doing on that particular day, and not in the least put out by the small alteration. But now it has assumed an unnecessary importance, as if that travelling time was stolen from my week, instead of just being what I happened to be doing.

I know this makes no sense, and I am probably not explaining myself clearly, but this is actually quite worrying. Time has started to assume a great importance to me, and time spent doing things other than what I usually get up to has begun to feel like time that didn’t exist. Perhaps I am just thinking too hard, or possibly beginning to lose my mind a little, I don’t know. I had to write it down on here, as a reminder of a significant change of feelings, something of a milestone in my normal thought process.

Maybe I should have just saved it as a draft, but I might as well publish it anyway, and see if anyone else feels the same.

Trying so hard to stay positive in 2017 seems to have affected my brain!

37 thoughts on “Missing a day

  1. I can’t say I’ve encountered this problem, but I will admit that time flies. What strikes me is when I review the lyrics I’ve written, and discover that some of them were written five years or more ago. I can still remember quite vividly the creative process involved in the writing of these lyrics. Were it not for the dates, I would swear they were written within the past twelve months…

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  2. I think it makes perfect sense. Routine becomes far more than just a comfortable necessity as we get older. I hate change, it totally throws me off. I doubt either one of us is “loosing it”. Best to you, and what day is it?? πŸ™‚

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  3. I have to stop and remember what month it is. I might flunk that quiz in the hospital when they ask you who is President and what day it is. Without the academic year to ground me, I am clueless. As for the President I claim denial.

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  4. you’re not alone Pete! i am aware of weekdays/weekends just because i am still in the workforce. but that totally changes when i’m on vacation mode. i can’t keep track of the days much less weekday or weekend πŸ™‚

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  5. I am continually baffled to discover that I have to think about it a second to remember what day it is. So far I haven’t failed to show up for work, but other than that what day of the week it is doesn’t matter any more. Used to be ruled by what TV show I was looking forward to that night, or weekends, but Netflix and a part-time work schedule that often includes weekend days has taken care of that. So I’ve taken a page out of Scarlett’s book, ‘I’ll worry about it tomorrow’.

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  6. Relax, Pete, I think you’re doing great with being positive-and your mind is certainly not going, look at all the challenges you’ve taken on. I myself could not think of a single book starting with each letter, but when I read the comments, I realized I’d read them all…😬

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  7. Since I retired five years ago Pete, I find that a week passes much more quickly than when I was still working for a living. It’s not such a bad thing from my point of view. No more being bored out of my tree by office routine and the nonsensical minutiae of the workplace while waiting to be set free each afternoon at 5pm. πŸ˜‰

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