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Not all of you are aware, but I do have another blog. It is very different to this one, and allows me to get very political on occasion, or to let off steam about issues that annoy me. Having just posted about reaching five years and 100,000 + views on this blog, I thought I would have a quick look at the stats for that one while I was at it. I also get to put in a shameless plug, for those of you who don’t know about it. I warn you, it is rather opinionated, and not for everyone. No photos or images, not one mention of Ollie the Dog, weather, music, films, or anything like that.

If you like the Royal Family, you probably won’t like this blog. If you support American, British, or Israeli foreign policy, you definitely won’t like it. If you vote UKIP or Conservative, I doubt you should bother to even look at it. It is the other side of me as a blogger. If this blog is Luke Skywalker, then the other one is Darth Vader.

In April 2013, I decided to remove political comment and politics of any kind from this blog, and start a separate one. Redflagflying was born, and is still going today. Compared to the stats I published about Beetleypete, stats for the other blog are minimal. But it serves a purpose, allows me to express that other side, and even has a few followers. So, one year less, and a great deal less posts too. How is it doing?

It has had 4,536 views in that time.
There have been 1,737 visitors to read the 106 posts published.
The blog has 121 WordPress followers, 5 followers by email only, and 139 Twitter followers.
A total of 265.
The most popular day for views is a Sunday, and the peak time is 4:00 pm.
The most views in one day was on the 22nd July, 2013. The figure was too low to be considered worthy of recording though, so probably less than 100.

I really enjoy writing on that blog, and although I don’t post very often, it does give me a lot of satisfaction. So if you fancy a change of scene, or just want to see the other side of the man who writes short stories, and complains about how much it rains when he’s walking his dog, then here’s a link. Don’t forget, I warned you…

For those of you who already follow that blog, leave likes and comments, and engage in the debate, I send my best wishes. Thanks for being part of a very small community. You are all treasured.

31 thoughts on “That other blog

  1. I suspected Bolshevik leanings, after your review the first Star Wars movie: “… Darth Vader, that lackey of an oppressive totalitarian state, exploits the workers based on outdated imperialist dogma perpetuating the economic and social differences in society…” Oh wait, that was Monty Python and the Holy Grail, my bad, sorry. (Just kidding!) Seriously, cheers to anyone who can present their arguments in a thoughtful way, or even blow off some steam in a rant with no hard feelings, and who provide a platform for rational debate. “Thin on the ground” here in the U.S. right now.

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  2. I did not know about your other blog, Pete. Keeping one’s blog on track is important, and many bloggers steer away and write about other topics. Therefore, I applaud you in adding another blog for these opinions and posts. If I decide to write about something other than children and teaching, I will do the same as you. Best to you, and your other blog!

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  3. I appreciate being able to have a public discourse without insults, demeaning comments or inflammatory proclamations…we can all discuss our opinions and differences in an intelligent manner – that will allow us all to consider other opinions – who knows? We might even change some minds!

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