Can it really be August already? The seventh month that signals the slide toward Christmas, and brings yet more unstable weather here. It has been a strange year in Beetley. The mildest winter for decades, followed by excessive heat in the early part of summer. Back to normal now, with heavy showers, occasional storms, and threatening skies.

I got nothing done of course. Those tasks I promised myself to do, all fallen by the wayside. I would always do them ‘soon’. After ‘this’, or after ‘that’. And almost unnoticed, they were not done. And likely won’t be now. I still have more than a month to go before our short holiday. Choosing September as always, once the schools go back, and places are less crowded. A quiet seaside village in England, with no need to suffer the stress and fuss of airports, or that seasickness-inducing ferry journey.

2017 was my year to ‘be positive’. Six months gone, and I have managed it so far. Despite many things that I won’t go into here causing enough stress to overturn my determination, I made myself look at the positive side always, even when it seemed impossible to do. Staying positive, for the rest of 2017.

The blog has been huge this year, by my standards. The A-Z challenges were so well received, with views and comments far more than I ever anticipated. Something to definitely be positive about. Despite feeling drained by weeks of the ‘winter virus’, that I renamed ‘the permanent virus’, I didn’t suffer anything drastic. Ollie recovered from his ear infection and tooth extraction, and continues his happy obsessive-compulsive life the same as before.

I get older, more reflective, even more nostalgic. But I have settled into life here, at long last. Though the years pass far too rapidly, they are peaceful years, and a suitable contrast to the sixty hectic years that preceded them. If I can manage to stay positive for the next six months, maybe 2018 will just be positive, without having to think about it any longer.

53 thoughts on “7/17

  1. As I write this in late October, I’m looking forward to the final two months of 2017. First, I will catch up on my beetleypete reading (!). Second, I anticipate finishing my first detective novel (which will be published in 2019, hopefully, along with its equally hefty sequel). And third, Chris Almoada and I should finally launch the first phase of our collaborative songwriting venture.

    Of course, having survived the Las Vegas summer, I am enjoying the autumn weather here: sunny skies and “just right” temperatures (70-80 F). This is that time of year when one goes for walks, hikes, and a bit of rock scrambling.

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    1. We have had three unusually warm and sunny days here too. It reached 68 F, which is unheard of in late October. Normal weather will soon return, I fear. Enjoy your hiking in those hot summer temperatures.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. It’s been challenging this year, but you’ve done well and managed to keep all of us positive too. To be honest, if we ever managed to cross off all the items from our list, we wouldn’t know what to do (in my case, with my book list, it is unlikely to ever happen).
    Keep enjoying life and being positive. It helps us all. Thanks, Pete.

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  3. I used to like you Pete, and then you mentioned Christmas 🙂 How could you, no wonder time is passing you by if you keep brining things forward! Thanks to you Noddy Holder is already singing in my head…it’s going to be a long day, a very long day 🙂
    All the best Pete, keep then coming.

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  4. I admire your optimism Pete. (maybe you should rename the blog “PositvityPete”)

    Nah! Stick to beetleypete, it has a better ring to it. And I too am dismayed by how fast the months are flying by and once again I have not visited all the gardens I set out to do this summer. July has been lost to me forever, but as I return to Cornwall at the end of this week I am looking forward to a peaceful and restful and hopefully sunny August and September with family visiting from Australia and a recuperating son at home for a few months too. Blessings have indeed been counted.
    Jude xx

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  5. Yes, I hate it too how time flies by, whether life is hectic or peaceful… Well done on staying positive- it’s not easy, we live in very strange times. But one has to seize the day – there’s always so much worse. Best wishes, Marina

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  6. A great mid-year, reflective post, Pete. Yes, August does feel like a calm spot in the course of the year and cause to look back. Positivity is a good thing! So is Ollie, your September vacation to the seaside, good weather… The years go by way too fast. Best to you!

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  7. Glad to hear Ollie is feeling better, but you’d best start taking better care of yourself!!
    Countdown to Christmas? Please!! I don’t feel that the years pass by too quickly – I just have to blink and they’re gone – SWOOOSH!

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