A Blogging Guest

I was delighted to be invited by Esme to write a guest post for her blog. This was a nice surprise, and a welcome invitation. That post is now up, and though the content will be familiar to any regular readers of this blog, I am nonetheless posting a link to it.

But my main reason for posting this is to suggest that you might like to submit a post for consideration by Esme. She has a direct link for anyone thinking of doing so, which can be found here.

If you are chosen, you become a ‘contributor’, and the blog becomes part of your WordPress profile. Although you do not have admin rights, you are able to reply to any comments, and receive stats on the blog in the usual way. I had a fun time doing this, and thought it might appeal to some of you. A great way for new bloggers to spread their message, and for experienced bloggers to widen their appeal.

32 thoughts on “A Blogging Guest

  1. A good article contrasting life in the city versus life in the country. Apparently, there are many people who’ve never see the Milky Way at night. Here in Nevada, once you’re away from Las Vegas, the Milky Way is truly stunning!

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your guest post, Pete. A great read! And, a good photo of you and Ollie. I’m glad you were a guest on EsmΓ©’s blog. It was fun for me, and a great idea.

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  3. Hi Pete – I am flattered and honored to have you do a Guest post and also to do this awesome post here on your blog. Thank you from the depth of my heart for this shout out.
    Yes, as Pete said, any blogger are welcome to contact me and I will set you up to do your own post. Whoop whoop, I am looking forward to many requests and emails from you all. I am off to work soon, and will check in tonight. Thanks in advance and thanks again Pete

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    1. I wanted to publicise your great offer via my blog, and also on Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+.
      It is always a valuable experience to think of something appropriate for a guest post, and to connect with so many new bloggers too.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. What a great bio you wrote, Pete, and the picture… what can I say – Ollie stayed still for the portrait!! You deserve the recognition, you’re always looking for things your readers will enjoy!

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    1. That’s a photo taken by a friend, when we were on a long walk along a coastal path. Ollie sat for that one, because he could be next to me! I use that shot on my ‘About’ page.
      Glad you enjoyed the post, GP.

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