I got to thinking about Wednesdays this morning. As it is Wednesday, I suppose that’s to be expected. I have never cared much for this day, to be honest. When I was still working, the weekend seemed a long way off, and a working Wednesday always seemed to drag longer than any other day of the week. Even though I was working shifts and often had a Wednesday as a day off, it never lost that feeling of being an unwelcome day.

Since I retired, I often say that the days of the week are irrelevant to me now. That’s not strictly true of course, as Julie gets weekends off, so we can still look forward to that time together. But retired or not, there is still something about that day that always makes me uneasy about its arrival.

By a strange coincidence, the evening TV shows are always less interesting on Wednesdays too. It’s as if the schedulers suffer from the same malaise as I do, and can’t be bothered to offer anything worth watching on that day. Instead, they cram all the good stuff into the next day, Thursday, showing every programme worth watching at the same time too, 9 pm.

Thinking back, I cannot recall anything interesting happening on a Wednesday, either. I am sure that someone can tell me the anniversary of a special Wednesday, or that it is the International Pea-eating festival somewhere on the planet, but as far as I am concerned, Wednesdays are just dull. The most important thing about the day for me, is to remember to put out the rubbish bin, for the Thursday collection.

Today started off with some promise. The sun was out, and it was uncomfortably warm. However, the cloud soon descended, until the outlook was more like evening, than morning. Something had to be done, so we decided to drive out somewhere into the gloom, and try to make the most of another Wednesday.

48 thoughts on “Wednesdays

  1. Hmmm. My middle daughter was born on a Wednesday, so it must have been a good day at least once! She’s generally a cheerful soul, too, which kind of blows the ‘full of woe’ theory. Interestingly, the other two were both born on a Thursday… But probably best I don’t draw too many conclusions from that bearing in mind that I have a Wednesday child too!

    Thinking about it, even you must have a birthday on a Wednesday sooner or later, so that presumably adds some measure of celebration to the day? Or is the idea of getting a year older also too dull?

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    1. As I replied to Sue, (below) I don’t count birthday Wednesdays, as they are overshadowed by the fact that I will be celebrating my birthday. (I’m a big birthday fan) I was born on a Sunday night, around 11 pm. So according to the old rhyme, I am ‘Bonny and Blithe, and Good and Gay’.

      I am not Gay in the modern sense, and rarely in the original meaning either. I doubt anyone would describe me as ‘Bonny’, except my Mum, and ‘Blithe’ is rather ambiguous. I will happily settle for ‘Good’.

      Best wishes, Pete..

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  2. Wednesday, the middle of the week. What I didn’t like before was coming to work on a Monday.It always seemed like the weekend was too long to arrive. I treasure my days now. Every day there is always something to smile about.

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  3. Good Morning Pete:
    Wednesday comes once a week. Regular, as they say, as clockwork. the day I have difficulties with is ‘someday.’ Someday never seems to get here. You know, someday I am going to see the Tetons, The meeting of the two continents in Iceland (along with Northern Lights); or someday I am going to win the lottery. But, as dreadful as Wednesdays are, they do come once a week, not like that damned Someday that never seems to get here. At least you can go for a drive on a gloomy Wednesday. Somedays doesn’t even give that option.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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  4. Teehee….you must have had the odd birthday on a Wednesday, Pete!! As for the TV, funny I had just been looking to see what was on, and have to agree … zilch, nothing, nada…

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