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We all get plenty of Spam comments and emails by virtue of being bloggers. On an average day, I get notified of around twelve Spam comments by WordPress Admin, and they tuck them away in the Spam folder for me to conveniently delete. I have a habit of checking them prior to deletion though, as they are sometimes just comments from readers and followers, that have slipped into that folder by mistake.

Over the last few months, I have been getting a clutch of nonsensical comments, supposedly sent by someone called Jack. I could get five or six of these a day, and I decided to save one as a word document, determined to email this person, and ask why they bombard me with gobbledygook. Then I noticed that the next few ‘Jack’ comments had different email addresses. Here is a small selection, so you can see what I am on about.

Some of the content is undoubtedly religious, and the grammar and construction lead me to suspect it may well be machine-generated.

You imply lіke when wе siung reward songs in Chuгch??
Larry requested and daԀdy nodded. ?Well I can make up a worship song.?
So Larry jumped to hіs toes and commenced to make up a song to
a very bad tune. ?Jesus is so cool. Its fun being with God.
Hes the funnst Ԍod anybody mаy have.? Larry sang νery badly so Lee haad
put his hands over his ears.

My turn, my turn.? Larry mentioned eagerly wigɡling to get a chance to
talk. ?I believe the most effective thing about God is that he can beat
uρ the satan as a rеѕult of the devil is frightening and imply and uglʏ and unhelthy
and God can beat һim up so tthe satan can?t hаrm uss like
he did those demon fіlled individuals in Jesus day.

ᎳE WILL.? They both shouted they usuaⅼly ran to the
bedroom bickering about who gets tօ ɡo first.

Effectively, what ɗoess God like?? Leee added.
?I imply, ᴡe like cooкies and casгtoons and toys, but what sort օf
things are enjoyable for GoԀ?? It wass a query that for a minute Mommy and Daddy haɗ
to asѕume about.

As you can see, they are all using the Linux operating system, each comment comes from a different email address, and the IP addresses are all different too. So I wonder what Magda Holmes, Santo Scanlon, Maria Mellor, and Nicholas Hodgson are up to with this claptrap? I doubt they are real people anyway. I have never opened any link, replied to the email addresses, or allowed any of these comments to become valid.

But I have to confess that it doesn’t only annoy me, it intrigues me too.

51 thoughts on “Spam Jack

  1. I’ve been getting one robocall after another trying to persuade me to do something about my student loan. Of course, I’ve never had one! I also frequently get text messages where I’m referred to as John. As far as WordPress goes, I’ve never looked into a spam folder. Where do you find that? I may have a treasure trove of intriguing touch-me-nots!

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    1. On the top left of your ‘admin dashboard’, you should see something like this.


      At a glance

      1,523 Posts1 Page37,020 Comments1 in moderation running Penscratch theme.

      Akismet has protected your site from 11,334 spam comments already.
      There’s 1 comment in your spam queue right now.

      Storage Space

      3,072 MB Space Allowed (Manage Uploads) 1,638.50 MB (53%) Space Used

      As you can see, I have 1 comment in my spam queue today.

      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. The really random ones make you scratch your head. Some of them are extremely long and just full of gibberish. Why make them so long just to drop a couple links. I have never understood spammers and probably never will.
    By the way, I read this earlier and forgot to respond. I have done a post on my blog also after reading yours.

    For some reason, I get bombarded with football jerseys spammers, I am not a sports fan either.

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      1. It scares people, especially the elderly. Plus I was just at the supermarket and they had posted a sign that they wouldn’t send money to Nigeria without proper I.D. Apparently people fall for that “you have a million dollars coming” scheme and send money.

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  3. The world of spam is fascinating isn’t it? I get hundreds from various “car insurance” titles, and as pointed out, a strange collection of phrases – clearly randomly generated…at least they aren’t crank phone calls!

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  4. And that, my friend is what the system that spots and traps spam is all about …. getting rid of the bad and the ugly and leaving only the good …. most of the time. I look at my spam too because I find some of it interesting.

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  5. I receive this stuff, too. No idea. You may not agree, you’ve reported a number of annoyances, but I think WP’s spam-blocker is very effective.
    I have a cousin who tried Ambien (sedative/sleeping pill) and would then sleep-type garbled, nonsense emails in the middle of the night. (He also wandered out one night in his underwear, and slept on the back lawn)

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    1. I do agree about the Spam filter, Robert. it is sometimes too good! 🙂
      Your cousin needs to be careful. He could get himself shot by the police in your country.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  6. Heehee… I had to have a look in mine and found two from your Jack. Obviously a busy boy today!!

    “That is ѕuch a fun game and we had ɑ perfect bіrthday Daddy.?Ꮮarry addeⅾ.
    ?Ϲan we ρpay ?What?s the best factor abⲟut God? tomorrow
    too?? he begged his Mommy.”

    Some pretty nasty porn lurking there too…

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  7. Sometimes the computer will misspell a comment when it comes from dubious areas. I get some of these, but usually they’re trying to sell me trucks, school clock components and medications to cure everything! I wonder why Jack Eason chooses to blame American nut jobs…..

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    1. I suspect it is because most are generated from America, GP. If you do a search on the IP addresses, they are predominantly from the US. They may be being ‘routed’ though. With all this new technology, you can never be sure where anything is coming from these days.
      Best wishes, Pete.


            1. They just foisted the ‘media’ friendly version on to us. I can’t cope with that as I use a laptop to write my posts and I like being able to see what I am doing. Sigh… no-one can seriously blog on a phone surely?

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  8. Oh, I get all sorts of weird the end of the day they are either trying to sell stuff, or get information for more nefarious purposes, identity theft etc.. I bin the lot of ’em

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  9. I get something like those messages too. If it does not come from fellow bloggers I delete them immediately. come to think of it, their comments are not even related to the subject. It is quite annoying to those messages.

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  10. I don’t get as many in as I did (probably do but I forget to check) in Not sure if it’s the safety thing or people don’t think about it. I used to have a lot about cars and some in Chinese…

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  11. :/ Hmm doesn’t surprise me Pete because Bible bashers are just as bad in real life! Lol I get Jehovah’s Witnesses calling twice a month! An interesting post.

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    1. Thanks, Andrew. I also get targeted by JW here. They are gentle old ladies, and surprised by the fact that I talk to them. But I refuse to talk to them about religion, just general chit chat. Old habits of manners forbid me to be rude to them, but online people like these often seem to be quite menacing. They may well just be using religion as a tool to market something completely different though.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. On reflection I agree, the men in suits who call round are friendly enough and the ladies are always very smartly dressed, I’m single 😀 so perhaps I outer pop in one Sunday!!!

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