Blogger’s Books: Julie C. Round

Always happy to promote the work of fellow bloggers, today I feature former teacher, Julie C. Round.
From her home in Southern England, Julie writes stories about local life in Sussex, and the people who live there. She has published three books in the ‘Lane’ trilogy; ‘Lane’s End’, ‘Never Run Away’, and ‘Never Pretend’. Her latest venture is a romantic novel set in the 1960s, ‘A Lesson For The Teacher’.

Here are some links.

As well as writing, Julie is a public speaker at her local W. I., and has helped to raise funds for a riding school for the disabled. Please check out the links, and see if her books are something you might like to buy and read. And here is a link to her own sites.

16 thoughts on “Blogger’s Books: Julie C. Round

  1. I took a look on Amazon. I think it would be advisable to include a blurb somewhere as a way of giving potential readers an idea of the content of the book. I used the “Look Inside” feature, which is helpful to snatch a snippet of text, but still no blurb. I also looked at Julie C. Round’s author’s page. Perhaps she could offer a little description of her various books there?

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