Word Challenge: N

Please play along with your own choices. Foreign words are welcome, with translations, and American spellings are allowed too. No abbreviations though.

Not only an unusual word, but an extraordinary concept.

Useful as an alternative to Hazy, and can also be used instead of Vague. It sounds good to say too.

Because I use it. All the time.

58 thoughts on “Word Challenge: N

  1. Jules Verne and I like NAUTILUS, the “pelagic marine mollusc of the cephalopod family Nautilidae.” As an outdoorsy guy, I like NYMPH, “a mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting rivers, woods…” and my fertile imagination. And for reasons unbeknownst to me, I also like NOVEL.

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  2. Good Morning Pete:
    I apologize for being late, but of late I have not felt well with all the smoke in the air. I do love your choices for N. Nihilism is a nebulous word, but nevertheless, it conveys the sense of the economic concept of a NASH EQUILIBRIUM under which no one has an incentive to change strategies (you know they way they got to where they are in the market). Another nihilist economic term is NATIONAL DEBT. This is nihilism as if you repay the national debt, you would not longer have a currency as a nation’s money is based upon borrowing against the future (what in the future, God only knows and she isn’t saying) and we call it the National Debt. Nonetheless, NOE-CLASSICAL ECONOMISTS persist in thinking paying off the national debt and maintaining a zero trade balance are good ideas. Boy, are they wrong.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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  3. Nice list as always, Pete. Here are a few:

    Neanderthal – I think of caveman, dumb as a rock. So sad that so many people continue to think like one.

    Nuance – a subtlety sadly lacking these days

    Necrographer – an obituary writer. I found no many “necro” words – death no matter what you add to it, this was the nicest~

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    1. Necrographer was a new one to me, John. Thanks for that unusual selection. I think Neanderthal man was brighter than we assume. After all, he managed to survive for a very long time, in harsh conditions.
      Best wishes, pete.

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  4. Nonsense – Sometimes I talk a lot of it. 😉
    New York – The city that never sleeps. I’ve been there twice and would like to go there for a third time to visit the Freedom Tower.
    Nautilus – Jules Verne’s submarine – made my fantasy go wild when I read the novels as a kid.

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  5. I give you Narcolepsy because the thought of having it scares me rigid and they say that naming your fear helps to dissipate the emotion! Nephew because mine recently had a very Nasty crash on his motorbike and is recovering in hospital. Finally, Nocuous because I’ve only just discovered it exists as the opposite of innocuous. x

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    1. Thanks, Sarah. I hope that your nephew makes a full recovery very soon. I had two motorbike accidents, and was lucky to escape serious injury both times. Very scary, on two wheels.
      Thanks for your suggestions, and the reminder of Nocuous.
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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  6. From Geordieland we have
    Netty – a toilet, more specifically an outside toilet.
    Nivver – never
    Nooled – Broken-spirited, knocked down, under the thumb.

    the phrase – Nivvor knaa noot aboot me neet oot :
    (I can never remember anything about my night out.) is quite often heard too! 🙂

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