Word Challenge: Q

Up to ‘Q’ already. Please continue to add your own selections, but no abbreviations. Foreign language words (with translation) are allowed, as are American spellings.

The most typical example of something. These days, it is used extensively to describe the most perfect example. As in, “David Bowie was the quintessential pop star”.

I like to use this to describe someone who said or wrote things that make great quotes. As in, “Oscar Wilde is eminently quotable”.

A word that has all but disappeared in everyday use. To drink heartily, especially alcohol. As in, “There goes Pete again, quaffing his red wine with gusto”.

50 thoughts on “Word Challenge: Q

  1. I’ll go with QUID PRO QUO (“this for that” in Latin). Believe it or not, the French have made a word out of the expression QU’EN DIRA-T-ON (m), which literally means, “What will they say about it?” In other words, it pertains to the opinion of others, and often is used to express worry or concern about what that opinion might be. Finally, like John Rieber, I favor the word QUANTUM, at least in theory.

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  2. Good Morning Pete:
    Quintessential economic theory is represented by James Tobin’s Q-THEORY which says firms should be willing to reinvest if the value of its shares is more than the value of its assets. Why I don’t know, for it seems to me they are QUEQUEING up for failure (or massive losses once the share holders realize their investment is not worth what they are valued in the market). Quaffing is an economic activity that has no economic application except for beer salesmen, hoping to sell more because their customers spill a lot so they can meet their sales QUOTA.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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  3. Another great letter Pete…let me add:

    qualitative – relating to, measuring, or measured by the quality of something rather than its quantity. Yes, LESS IS MORE.

    quagmire – an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation. We have a number of those on our hands today.

    Quantum – In physics, the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. I added this word because it reminds me of “Quantum Of Solace”, the worst James Bond film title of all time, even worse that “Octopussy!”

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    1. And why did we ever go metric too, Elizabeth? (I know the answer, the EU!)
      I still use old weights and measures, even ‘old money’! I think of milk in pints, sugar in pounds, and money as non-decimal. Everything gets translated into ‘real values’, like it or not.
      Quisling is unusual, in that it was a man’s name that became synonymous with a Traitor.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Quintessential reminds me of Quintessence!

    Most qs have gone already, but here’s mine
    Quorn: a type of protein-rich food made from an edible fungus and used as a meat substitute. Not sure if this is an acceptable noun.
    Quibble: minor criticism
    Quashed: rejected

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  5. I like your choices. One of them reminded me of a song by Squeeze I like, but couldn’t quite remember the name, it’s “In Quintessence”. “Quaff” does seem a bit archaic, but that’s ok, it creates an image of a nice old-fashioned establishment, maybe with tankards, etc.
    And the suggestions in the comments are good ‘uns! “Q” words often seem to have an old-fashioned feel to them, which I like. And here’s another, “quack,” (an ignorant, bogus, or fraudulent pretender), useful for doctors, economists, pollsters, IT helplines, and sometimes, car mechanics.

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    1. Quack is a really good choice, Robert. So many meanings.
      Quaff is indeed a rather dated word, but I keep it alive, with regular use… πŸ™‚
      Squeeze is a great band. Very ‘London’. (You had to be there, I suppose)
      Best wishes, Pete.,

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  6. Such an obnoxious letter!! I’m going to start a petition to have the letter removed!
    Quarrelsome – Argumentative
    Qualified – capable
    Querent – inquirer
    The Quarrelsome Querent should have checked with someone more capable in the English language before starting a petition!

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    1. I used to be quite good at that, at one time. Then they started to allow some β€˜stupid’ words, and people began to learn all those one and two letter words that are really obscure. So, I threw my teddy out the pram, and stopped playing! πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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