Word Challenge: U

Sorry for rushing these, but I want to get finished before next week. I will be away from a computer for four or five days after Monday, so don’t think I have died, if you don’t get a reply, or see a comment. (Although I might have of course. We never know…)

Please play along with your own choices for U. No abbreviations are allowed, but foreign language words (with translation) and American spellings are both welcome.

Anyone who reads my blog will undoubtedly be aware how much I use this useful word.

I don’t often take this, but would love to see this old word get a big revival.

Because I wish it existed, but know enough to realise it never will.

48 thoughts on “Word Challenge: U

  1. Pete, you set me up again. In 1973, Musical Artist Todd Rundgren launched his side band, focused on progressive rock…as he said: “city in my head…Utopia.”

    For those who haven’t followed my ongoing discussion with Pete about Todd, he wrote the classic pop songs “Hello It’s Me”, “We Gotta Get You A Woman”, “I Saw The Light” and “Can We Still Be Friends” – and the sports stadium anthem “Bang The Drum All Day” – he decided to release individual material as well as from the group Utopia…at the end of an album, his last lyrics were : “wait another year, Utopia is here, and there’s always more….”

    OK, overstayed my welcome!

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  2. Not many up here in Geordieland, but I’ll give you

    Urchin ~ Hedgehog.
    Us ~ me.
    Up ~ A side valley, especially in the dales of Northumberland and Durham.

    and the phrase (one of my faves) for U

    Up a height ~ In a rage, becoming emotional, angry etc.

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  3. Good Morning Pete:
    Undoubted the UNDERGROUND ECONOMY will utterly drive official UNEMPLOYMENT up and cause those of us in search of Utopia to distraction and to retreat into further UNCERTAINTY and cause us to put money under mattresses rather than spending it on new ones. The government will take umbrage at all of this and initiate a campaign to reassure us. However, we won’t be fooled, this time, I hope.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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